Which car to buy - SalimShady

Hi All

I'm looking to buy a new car - 2nd had of course

They are all auto's so a reliable gearbox is also key

2010 Volkswagen Passat Cc 1.8 TSI 4dr 98k - £5985
2011 Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 CDTi 16v Exclusiv 90k - £5740
2009 Vauxhall Insignia SRi Nav 2.0 CDTi 160 28k - £7450
2007 Audi A4 2.0 TFSI S Line Quattro 92k - £5995
2013 BMW 3 SERIES 2.0 320d M Sport 4dr 22k - £6275

Regarding the Insignias I've read the artcile buy HonestJohn about Insignias and it had alot of bad points against it. But i wonder if it was isolated to the 2009 model and if things improved with the 2011 model.

Any Advice would be great i'm going round in circles reading reviews about these cars so some real world advice would be great


Which car to buy - Avant

I know it's annoying if you set out a short-list and someone suggests cars that aren't on it - but if you'd asked an open question without the short-list, I'd have suggested a Ford (because there are lots out there to choose from) or something Japanese (as there's a greater chance of getting a reliable one), I would also suggest avoiding secondhand diesels, as they can often be liable to expensive failures.

So I'm bound to wonder why you've excluded these. I don't know the answer to your question about Insignias - I'm sure someone will - but the Passat, and possibly also the Audi, will have a DSG transmission, best avoided at high mileages like these. If the Audi isn't DSG, it will probably be a 'multitronic' CVT which may also be troublesome at high mileage.

Finally, I don't know where you found these cars, but why is a 2013 BMW cheaper than a 2009 Vauxhall? Indeed why is a 2-year-old 22,000-mile BMW so cheap? There could be something dodgy about it, so check very carefully.

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Which car to buy - gordonbennet

The impossibly priced Beemer is the only auto box i'd consider out of that little lot, just wouldn't want the engine to go with it.

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Which car to buy - Avant

Interesting, GB: do you prefer the petrol 2.0i, or just not keen on BMW 4-cyl engines in general? The straight-six is lovely, but seems to be available in fewer models than in the past.

Which car to buy - gordonbennet

I'm wary of BMW Diesels Avant, especially in 4 cylinder guise, they have form for various wallet emptying problems as the miles pile on, not helped one bit by the fleet/lease sales led industry norm (not Toyota/Lexus you'll note) of 20k service intervals.

And if thats not enough they came up with the brilliant plan of fitting timing chains (prime Edam?) at the back end of North South engines, great bit of design that lads

To be fair i'm wary of nearly all modern Diesels now (PSA's 1.6 Diesel of Doom anyone as found in other makes)(VW's ideally situated never known to fail EGR perchance), anything fitted with a DPF won't be coming to stay with us unless its so cheap that its disposable if it cost more than fifty quid to fix.

On the subject of cheap repairs to modern Diesels, fortunately our lorries are leased and on full maintenance/repair package, just as well cos should the combined exhaust/cat/dpf thingy on mine fail its a cool £11,000.

We left Alice's wonderlad behind a few years ago and have been transported to a surreal parallel world of lunacy, where we'll be in another 20 years i dread to think, if i'm still around and not gone completely gaga i'll still be driving an old Landcruiser.

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Which car to buy - madf

The OP has not stated how many miles a year will be driven. No how many people/luggage to carry so no recommendation possible.

My advice is : less than 12k per year: buy petrol.

Reading the list, I would buy none of them. Unimpressive reliability and expensive when things go wrong...

Which car to buy - concrete

I think Avant is right on the money. For between £6k and £7.5k you can get a lot of decent Ford. Fairly reliable and cheap to maintain. That is the route I would take. Cheers Concrete

Which car to buy - SalimShady

Hi All

Thanks for the excellent feedback, really appreciate it - it has made me think

To answer a few question

- I found these vehicles on AutoTrader

- we do under 3k a year with 2 adults and a car seat and kid on the way soon

- The reason i never considered a ford was everyone screaming at me to go with german - excluding the vauxhall ofcourse

Hey gordonbennet any particular reason for the dislike of the Beemer engine?

I'll definately look at the mondeo,

The shortlist came about from 3 factors colour, buget and features - mainly bluetooth and parking sensors

Thanks again people - any further feeback is greatly appreciated

Which car to buy - madf

Under 3k miles/year?


No apologies fro me for shouting. A diesel on those miles will foul up with unburnt carbon and give problems costing £££££s

Which car to buy - scot22

Speaking from personal experience, Volvo C30, averaging around 10,000 miles of steady motoring, as above do not buy a diesel.

I wish I had found this forum before having to spend around nearly £1,000 on a new DPF. Also watch out for dual mass flywheel (dmf) replacement costs a fortune. Clutch problems from previous owner's driving.

Which car to buy - Engineer Andy

Indeed - I would say that your previous post's estimate of 12k miles for the changeover to diesel is a bit low (the current pricing difference at the pumps won't last) - more like 20k miles if you factor in all the (expensive-to-fix) problems diesels have been having of late (even if you don't do low mileage/regular short trips).

I also think that the OP has gone about the purchase in the wrong way, deciding what car they like on price/looks/space first rather than more important things like running costs (reliability factored in), reliability, longevity/overall cost of the vehicle over the ownership periodas well as what they are like to drive/use.

To the OP:

As others have said, NEVER go by a car on price, as you never know (often until its too late) why its 'such a bargain' (always asume such cars have something seriously wrong with them, are stolen, have finance left on them, are 'cuts and shuts'/accident-damaged etc, especially for private sellers who have no reputation to worry about. Never buy a car from someone who won't show/sell you it at their home (e.g. at a motorway service station or public car park/layby) - always a sign of a dodgy deal. Be also wary of people purporting to sell a car on the cheap because they are 'moving abroad', as you will have absolutely NO redress if something goes wrong.

ALWAYS (unless you are very car-savvy [especially on the mechnical/electrical side]) when buying privately (and from a dealer who doesn't have a regionally/country-wide vetted car checking structure with a guarantee they will give you your money back/repair any faults for free) bring along a friend who is an expert on cars or from one of the breakdown recovery organisations to give the car a thorough check - worth the money, as is (these may offer it as part of their service) a finance/crash check to see if money is owed or its been in a serious accident and is a full or partial write-off (which can seriously affect the value and insurance).

Which car to buy - SalimShady

Hi All

Want to know your thoughts on a Mitsubishi Lancer 1.8 GS4 75k on the clock and going for £5k its an auto


Which car to buy - SalimShady

Hi All

Firstly in response to Engineer Andy's post, I have been looking at running costs as well, such as engine size which equats to petrol as well as road tax. Secondly Im only looking at reputable dealers and not touching private sellers

with to the modeo, Whats every ones thoughts about the powershift gearbox vs normal auto

Which car to buy - Big John

Can I repeat what has been said above - on your mileage DO NOT BUT A DIESEL

There are not many "normal" tourque converter autos around. The Hyundai i30 was a great engine / torque converter auto until recentley. Very reliable with 5 year warranty when new

Which car to buy - SalimShady

Oh really, the only recent torque converter i knew was by mazda didnt know about the Hyundai.

What about the I40, i'm looking for a large family car

Which car to buy - SalimShady

Hi Guys

what are your thoughts on a Mitsubishi Lnacer GS4 1.8 an Auto with 75k on the clock and going for £5k



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