pug 205 starting problem (startermotor? - mre2mpo
I have 1990 205 XE It is not starting the engine is not turning over and its not the battery because its new. It may be the starter motor as I can't hear it clicking Its maybe the connection ot the start motor has come away because I could not find the connection but I did not have much time to look for it. Has any body got an Idea what the other problems it may be or has had similar experiance???
pug 205 starting problem (startermotor? - Dynamic Dave
Engine earth wire dropped off maybe? Does the engine start if you bump start it?
pug 205 starting problem (startermotor? - RichardW
On click, or repeated clicking?

One click means the solenoid is engaging, but the motor is getting no power - could be brushes or dodgy contact in the solenoid.

Repeated clicking means that it's getting power, and trying to turn, but as it does so it pulls so much power there's a voltage drop which causes the solenoid to drop out again, whereupon the power recovers, and the solenoid engages again, ad inifitium. Cause of this is usually bad battery or poor connections.

In either case, clean / remake the battery connections, the starter connections, and the engine earth strap. Then give the starter motor a couple of thwacks with a block of wood. If still no go, then you'll have to get the starter out and take it to an autoelectrician.


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