First Car?? - Brian Norris
Hello all,

I just thought that i would try and get your ideas on what you would consider as a sound first car for a 18 year old bloke.

I have thought about the usual cars such as Novas and Fiestas however i feel that they are far too common and the youngsters that drive them have given them a bad name.

I would like something a bit more original and grown up which i would be able to hold onto for a good number of years. Insurance may have to be an issue though!

I would appreciate it if you gave me your suggestions,


RE: First Car?? - Ashley Thomas
Hi Brian,

My first car was a 1.2 Nova. I loved it ! It was cheap to run and insurance was cheaper than a 1.1 Fiesta. If anything went wrong my first call was to the local breakers yard. You won't go far wrong with a Nova mate. The only problem you'll have is finding an un-molested, nice straight one !

If you don't want a Nova then what about a Nissan Micra ? The Micra Shape is a bit basic but they are very nippy ( with the 1 litre twin cam 16 valve engine they are very quick up to 60mph ). They rarely go wrong and they hold their value quite well. Also parking is a doddle !

Well, there's something for you to go on, good luck !


RE: First Car?? - Brian Norris
Dear Ashley,

Thanks very much for your suggestions.

I have friends that have Novas and Nissan Micras and i think tha the Micra is a funky little car apart from it's 'basic' shape. I am going to do some research into the Micra to see if it would be a viable option.

Keep your suggestions coming please people.


RE: First Car?? - honestjohn
I reckon your best bet is a Fiat Panda 1000 on an H or a J plate (before they got cats, but after they acquired some galvanized panels) with a 5 speed gearbox. They sell for buttons, and Fiat's 'Fire' engine will easily do 200,000 miles with a modicum of maintenance. Also a very low insurance group.

RE: First Car?? - Cliff Pope
I would say get a classic. My preference is a Triumph 2000. Low insurance, no road tax, spares readily available new or secondhand. Still pretty fast, keeps its value.
Cliff Pope
RE: First Car?? - Andrew Hamilton
Isnt the insurance going to cost more than the car?
RE: First Car?? - honestjohn

RE: First Car?? - Andrew Hamilton
It depends on how adept an 18 year old is in doing repairs or what help he has. At 18 I had little mechanical knowledge and a father who avoided any DIY.
Isn`t a classic going to need endless rust treatment, welding and paintwork repairs? Is a classic really going to impress his girlfriends? Surely he wants something with electrics to cope with CD player and large 100W speakers!
RE: First Car?? - honestjohn
I have to admit, the chap who recommended a classic does have a point here. A few years ago I watched two young lads embark on their motoring experiences. Lad 1's dad bought him a Morris Minor. The kid cherished the car despite its lack of street cred, sold it at a profit and moved on to an MGB automatic (weird, but true). He looked after that, sold it at a profit and moved on to a TR5 or TR6. Then sold that one at a profit and bought a Lotus Elan SE Turbo which he later sold for a profit and used as the deposit on a house. Lad 2 progressed from banger to banger, installing expensive sound systems in all of them and lavishing candy apple paint jobs on them. At one time he had a chipped Fiat Uno Turbo and tore the gearbox off while delivering pizzas. He bought a rust-ridden Datsun 260Z for thousands and saw it sell at auction for £25. Basically, he lost on every deal and wound up easily losing as much as Lad 1 made in total. So there is sense in the classic argument if you have a kid who's prepared to be sensible. Affordable insurance, too.

RE: First Car?? - Brian Norris
Dear all,

Let me begin by saying a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed on this discussion. I value every piece of advice that has been given and this will hopefully help me to make a wise decision in the end!!

Well, i am really spoilt for choice now aren't i! Do i choose a Nissan Micra, Fiat Punto, or classic car of some sort. To tell the truth, i really dont know. Let me try to sum all it up.

A Nissan Micra appears to be cheap and chearful however looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp (ugly)! Whereas the Fiat Punto (1994 - 1999) looks alot better, however may be a tad pricey including insurance. And i do not know what to think about a classic car as i tend to like my creature comforts - decent radio etc.

I am no boy racer but i have to consider impressing the mates and the ladies in a small way (sorry, i am 18). Therefore i have thought about a Ford Fiesta Mk3 - however they are very common nowadays. Idealy i would love something with an ounce of street cred but will not cost the earth to run and insure etc.

Any suggestions still very welcome.


RE: First Car?? - richard dickinson
having had numerous cars over many years I would say that you cannot go far wrong with a Ford. If you can pick up a clean smaller one with a bit of service
history it should suit you well. Insurance and spares are reasonable and you
can do a bit of work yourself if need be.Good luck with the search !
Re: First Car?? - Tom Stoddart-Scott
Get a Subaru Justy pre '96 much quicker than Nova and Fiesta and 4WD.

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