Is this bill about right? - Monaro
My Aunt's troublesome Rover 216Si (N reg, newer style) has overheated and cracked it's head. The work has been done now (about the value of the car I know) but she wants to know if the bill is in the right ball park. I would like to know the likely cause of the overheating. Anyway here is the bill.

LABOUR -Investigate overheating and oil mixing with water, remove and strip cylinder head, send for skim and examination, found clylinder head cracked, supply and fit exchange cylinder head, fit new exhaust camshaft, reassemble and refit cylinder head using parts listed below, fit new thermostat, replace?timing belt and tensioner, flush through coolant system, change oil and filter, fit new air filter, antifreeze, run up and test. £425.00

PARTS - Head skim £35., Cylinder head £473, Thermostat £8.24, Head bolts x 10 £65 , gasket set £74.50, air filter £11.17, timing belt £24.33, tensioner £21.12., Exhaust cam £119.00, coolant flush £9.00., Oil flush £ 11.00., Oil £17.70., Oil Filter £5.85., Sumpwasher £0.70., and antifreeze £10.50.

Subtotal £1311.11
VAT £229.56
Total Cost: £1540.56

To me it seems about right - anyone think otherwise?

Also one another topic. Identical car insurance cover costs for a Charade in the UK (countryside) and NZ (city centre). UK about 500 quid, NZ about 50 quid.

Paul C
Is this bill about right? - Dorian
Hi Paul,

Its great living in NZ, ain't it? :)

My 1995 Skyline GTS25 costs me NZ380 fully comp. Wonder what it'd be in the UK ?


Is this bill about right? - Dave_TD
Paul C - Yes, the bill sounds about right for the work done. Expensive yes, but about right.

Paul & Dorian - 99 Mondeo 2.0 Ghia UK£470 fully comp with full protected NCD and 24yr old SWMBO as a named driver, 01 Skoda Octavia 1.9SDi 50kW base model UK£3765 (yes, three thousand seven hundred and sixty five) fully comp with £2m public liability cover!(Mandatory)

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Is this bill about right? - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Yes, I think you have paid a fair price for the amount of work done. The head gaskets and heads are a known weak point on these engines. Why was the camshaft replaced?

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