Focus TDCI at auction - james S
I am interested in a focus TDCI (115 PS). I don't mind taking my chance on one from auction as it will be nearly new and have manufactures warranty. Car supermarkets want £11,000 (10 K 02 late) as do motorpoint and Trade-sales (new when they have any). I have checked BCA but they only have some coming up as a closed sale.

Anyone know when thay will start to appear in general auctions and a rough price for about 10 K.


James S
Focus TDCI at auction - Mark (RLBS)
I can't answer your question, but do bear in mind that, whatever its age, it will only have a manufacturer's warranty if it has been serviced in accordance with the Ts&Cs. And, to all intents and purposes, that means at a main dealer rather than a fleet company's own workshop and at the appropriate mileage.

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