can i get away with it? - TrevorP
"I feel this kind of tactic needs fighting. Any ideas out there."

Yes - even the most rabid "Anti-camera" protesters do not complain about cameras in 30 limits.

So, EVERYBODY agrees that speeding in 30 limits
(like where are the most pedestrians)
is morally objectionable - as well as illegal.

Sorry, what was the question again?
can i get away with it? - volvoman
Sorry Big Al. 43 in a 30 zone is approaching 50% over the legal limit and that's OTT IMHO.

We all think we're safe drivers but the fact is that many people die each year due to 'safe' drivers exceeding the speed limit and knocking them up in the air !

Don't know if ou've got kids but if you have, think how you'd feel if they walking/playing in a 30mph zone and happened to be hit be a guy doing 43. That could have been you so take the fine for the crime and learn the lesson that 'there but for the grace of God go I'.

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