Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - Eddy56

the nearby fuel station doesnt have an air machine so for a while I carried a 12v compressor in the boot which I used to top up the tyre pressures. It failed last summer, irritating but was a cheapo job and I wasn't surprised. I inherited another compressor from an elderly relative - much more solid looking and german made. It failed after about three months. Both times the pump started to make unpleaseant grinding sounds and then the internals broke up. Decided to go old school and get a footpump. Halfords job first time, broke after about three months, the pistons seemed to grind against the housing and the pump wouldnt hold pressure. Got a refund. I then invested in a Michelin footpump -all that history or tyres and pneumatics - can't go wrong, I thought. It failed today, the pedal broke away from the body when some rivets failed, as it did the loaded pedal rebound spring ejected sending one of rivets into my face. Nice.

Does anyone know of a manufactuer who makes either a compressor or pump which can be expected to actually do the job it was built to do? Do I ask too much!?

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Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - RT

I use a Ring/RAC electric compressor - after an old-age failure with a different branded model, I keep the new one in good fettle by spraying silicone lubricant in through the air inlet occasionally while running.

Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - Sam Slagheap III Jr

Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - Leif

I had one just like that. It fell apart after a few months.

Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - Dogfuzz

Just buy a standard cheap one-it's the guage that you might have to watch.

I test the tyre, note pressure, add air if necessary and then remove....then, as a separate action test the tyre pressure AGAIN immediately afterwards. If the reading is the same-then that's good enough for me....

Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - Leif

My experience with foot pumps from Halfords is that they are badly made and fall apart, even a Michelin branded one. Nasty tat, which is true of a lot of stuff sold in Halford to be honest.Don't get me going on their 'matching' paint.

Get yourself a stirrup pump, the kind you use for a push bike, with a car tyre valve adapter. Solid and reliable. Mine has lasted yonks.

My VW supplied electric pump seems okay:

I can't say if you pay for the name, or if you do get value for money. I suppose VW owners with more experience might know.

Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - gordonbennet

I've had one of these for about 8 years now, its quiet and nearly fast enough to seal tyres you fitted yourself (if you used a tourniquet it would) will fully inflate a normal size car tyre from flat in less than 2 minutes.

Crocodile clips so connect it straight to a car battery, i use my jump pack for this purpose so its fully portable.

edit, i see they offer a single piston version, half the output, for £43, haven't tried one.

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Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - Galaxy

I myself have also had lots of problems with footpumps. I also bought a Michelin one form Halfords, had it for 8 months then the thing came apart. Took it back and insisted they give me a refund, but they wanted to give me another pump, which I knew would go exactly the same way as the first one. When I quoted the Sale of Goods Act and told them it wasn't fit for purpose they finally relented and refunded my money. I told them I'd purchased what I'd considered to be the Rolls Royce of foootpumps and it was rubbish. I also told them that it said on the "Review" section of the Halfords website that they break exactly where mine had broken. They couldn't really come back with anything else after that.

The pump I've got now it very much like this:

It's lasted a couple of years, so far. After my experiences with the Michelin (which was a double) I realised that the twin pump applied too much force to the frame components and they weren't strong enough to withstand it, so I only bought the single cylinder version. This appears to have paid-off.

If you look online there's a roaring trade going on with Vintage Footpumps; when you go into somewhere like Halfords and look at all the crap you can buy today this is hardly surprising! You may-well be able to find a lovely refurbished Sutty, Kismet or Dunlop footpump to make you happy. They certainly aren't cheap but there's obviously now a demand for this sort of thing. This is the direction I myself will be heading in next time, I think.

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Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - Leif

I had a Halford one like that and it fell apart, just like the twin cylinder Michelin. Both fell apart gradually, and I reckon the build quality of these things, which are most probably all made in one place, China, is appalling. Much Chinese stuff is top rate, some isn't. You'd think they could make a decent foot pump.

Yours might be better of course.

Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - alan1302

Much Chinese stuff is top rate, some isn't. You'd think they could make a decent foot pump.

They can but it's up to the brand be it Halfords/Michelin etc to specify what they want so the fcat they keep falling aprt - as mine did as well is down to them!

Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - Andrew-T

For many (about 30) years I had a well-made solid footpump **, which I replaced only a couple of years ago because the attachment would not stay on the valve during pumping. The cheap AA replacement only lasted about a year. So far a new 12v Ring pump is doing OK, and because it screws onto the valve instead of using one of those lever-operated devices, avoids the earlier snag. As I don't pump tyres every day it may see my time out.

** come to think of it, it was a Sutty.

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Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - John Boy

Recently, my cheapo electrical version from LIDL suddenly made a loud "crack" and a small piece of metal made a rapid exit sideways through the plastic casing. The device still worked, but I binned it rather than wait for the next bullet from the assassin.

I've researched the topic since and find self destruction is a common scenario, even with the more expensive ones. To take just one example, the fairly substantial-looking Ring RAC 700 doesn't exactly get a ringing endorsement on Amazon - out of 27 user reviews, only 13 people gave it 5 out of 5 and 7 gave it only 1 out of 5. I'm tempted by the single cylinder version of the one mentioned by GB, but it's not available on Amazon. On user websites, I found a few people praising it, but no one saying that it was rubbish.

I'm torn between buying one of those or getting another from LIDL for emergency use only. But I really hate wrestling with airlines on filling station forecourts and a footpump is out of the question.

Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - John F

Just looked in the garage to see the make of my trusty foot pump which is over 40yrs old and has been to Africa and back. The label has long since gone but 'PCL Power and 'Made in England' are cast into the pedal and I see they are still in production if you google the name, although I don't know if they are the same quality now. It has no gauge but I don't trust any gauges apart from my two old metal ones (one of which originates from my father's Rover 105S tool-box). Hope this helps.

Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - daveyjp
A Draper double cylinder did me for so many years the rubber hose perished. I replaced it with an Argos brand double, the only downside was the clip which holds it closed when not in use was no thicker than a paperclip, ao I swapped it with the one off the Draper.
Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - stan10

" .. Do I ask too much?.. "

Sadly, in this day and age, perhaps you do !

I still use a single barrel Draper pump, bought, i can't remember exactly when, but in 1983, when Mrs.S passed her test and got her first car, i put a sticker on the barrel with both sets of pressures (it's still there), Peugeot 305 anyone ?, and it (the pump !) was an old faithful even then, mid to late '70's perhaps ? The hose has frayed a little, but haven't we all !?

I did buy a digital pressure guage at some later date, (never really trusted the guage) after a great Autoexpress review, branded as premium (Michelin maybe?) but the same item was also marketed as "Halfords" and sold for peanuts (still using that too)

I have just had a punt around, and if it was me i would be looking at the Clarke website, 4 to choose, made of metal sounds good, and cheap as chips. (No connection with the firm, but i think they have a pretty good rep ?)

Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - ohsoslow

I have a Hayner double cylinder foot pump, bought about a year ago. It seems to be of sturdy construction (better than a lot I have seen) and works quite well for me though at the moment the tyres on our cars rarely need pumping so has not been used often. Therefore its longevity will be unknown.

I would prefer a screw on connection to the tyre valve but the clip on thingy is OK and no doubt quicker but is awkward at times.

Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - madf

I bought a Michein double footpump from halfords about 16 years ago. Apart from a new hose, it's been perfect..

Still available..

(VERY accurate non digital guage - my 60 year old pressure guage also agrees with it :-)

Warning - I do tend to look after tools and try to use them carefully. Younger son who also uses it tends to be more brutal.

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Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - catsdad
for my bike I have a Michelin single barrel one similar to the one in madf link. it's OK but the toggles to store it closed have broken free of the puny plastic links and one has now been lost. Penny pinching. I shelled out on an expensive Michelin electric one a year or two back for the car but it blew the car fuse every time I tried to use it. Replaced it with a Ring one at twenty-odd quid and it's still going strong but not had it that long. I like the screw on hose. All in all over I reckon you only get three or four years out of a modern pump. Pretty poor when that probably amounts to only an hour or two of actual use.
Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - madf

My toggles have long gone. I just wrap the hose under the pump. And the reatining plastic stops have gone - teh ones to hold teh pump closed. I use steel bolts..

Guess I'm a tight +++++ Scot..

Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - xtrailman

I use a Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Track Pump. From wiggle.

Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - captain pugwash

I'm afraid you get what you pay for these days. If you go to and get in touch with Gordon he will supply you with a top quality restored 1950's British made Kismet Duplex Master.I guarantee it will outlive you and me! It's the Rolls Royce of footpumps and when you get one you'll see what I mean,solid brass and Sheffield steel - no tin/plastic or rivets to be seen.They are a bit complicated inside with several leather washers if you decide to have a go at restoring one yourself. Alternatively,go onto ebay and look under 'vintage foot pumps' and maybe find one for yourself that's in gwo.

Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - MikeM100

A relevant post here:

Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - Engineer Andy

I recently had to change my car's tyre foot pump (the previous-model Michelin double-barrelled pump currently going for about £25 in Argos, not the 'new' version available in Halfords) as it broke (presumably the cylinders failed) and I was about to drive to the West Country for a holiday. Needless to say I wasn't going to buy the same again after 'just' 4 years of ownership - it wasn't that sturdy, the flimsy plastic 'locks' ties broke within a fortnight of buying it and the locks themselves weren't very good. At least the intergrated (analogue) pressure was accurate and the screw on/off valve fitment was easy to use. Overall I'd give the unit a 2.5/5.

I've replaced it with a Draper equivalent obtained from my local motor parts & supplies shop for about £20. On the first few uses I found the unit to be far more robust than the Michelin one (it has the 'old school' locking arm, braded hose and clamp to fit the hose to the valve) and far less prone to moving around when using it. The only downside thus far is that after the initial connection to the tyre valve, the pressure dial reads correctly, but then goes haywire when you pump up the tyre. Not so much of an issue as I also have an old school (also a Draper unit, bought nearly 20 years ago when I bought my first car) analogue (cylinder with graduations) pressure guage which has always worked well. Let's hope my new Draper pump last a lot longer than the Michelin one and works better. Too early to give a definitive rating - maybe in a few months time.

Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - madf

My Michelin twin pump footpump is still working after 15 ? years or so...

Does anyone make a decent footpump anymore?! - argybargy

I had two good footpumps that lasted for about 20 years. One was bought in the thrilling rush of newness that accompanied the passing of my test and the purchase of my first car, the second because being a bit OCD, I like to have two of everything in case one breaks down. Perhaps they lasted longer because each had only had half the usual useage. Nowadays I use a Ring 12v which is quietly efficient, though the air hose has an annoying and permanent kink. I bought a second 12v (not Ring) from Weebay for the reasons outlined above, but it was so horrendously noisy that I put it in a cupboard for a year and then threw it away.

I wasn't aware that you could still buy footpumps, but good luck in your search. Not only simple to operate but good exercise!


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