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Have had a ford Kuga since March and have constantly been having problems with the DAB radio dropping out. Has been back numerous times for patches from ford as well as having a new radio fitted, still not any better. Have checked the DAB signal in the areas that we are driving and the stations that we are tuned to are all in the good reception range. Garage telling us that it is "What happens with DAB radios" so we must basically live with it. Today we noted each time it dropped out and for how long and the station we were listening to as well as the area we were in, in about 5 hours it dropped out about 23 times! Sometimes it is for a few seconds but others it is for 3 - 4 minutes and we end up having to retune the station!

Surely this is not what we should be having to listen to, we had a ford focus before this one and listened to the same stations with no problem at all. Any suggestions on what we can do? Ford customer services are not very forthcoming and keep telling us we have to wait for another patch to be available.

Getting very frustrated with the whole situation so any help or advice greatly received


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DAB = Dead And Burried :)

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I would be surprised if a software update will cure that, problem is there are too many stations transmitting in the same band,

but in some cases dont transmit in stereo either due to bandwidth problems, so your not always getting stereo and you may not get a signal, as with digital you either have it or you dont.

which I suspect is happening to yours, signal is dropping out

I think some manufacturers use an aerial that picks up multiple(bounced) signals and combines them so you always get one, but I dont know who sells them or even if many know about them

I am under the impresion that FM is not likely to be switched off as too many smaller stations cannot afford to change over, but wait and see on that, I think and most I know prefer FM

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A friend has a Grand C max that had Dab radio problems and Ford sorted the problem by replacing the rear window glass which incorporates the dab antenna system.May be a similar issue?

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Sorry, I meant to say Analogue radio is not likely to be shut down, and Ford aerial amps have always been a pain so no change there!

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DAB reception across the country is still very patchy. I have a Pure Highway in my work van, and listen to radio via it. The reception in some areas is excellent, whilst very poor or none in others. I can drive the M27 from Southampton to Portsmouth and have DAB reception for less than half the journey as it drops in and out. I'm not expecting better coverage any time soon.

We have a Skoda Octavia with a DAB tuner as standard which I must say is pretty good. It automatically switches to the same station on FM if DAB drops out, depending of course if the station I'm listening to also transmits on FM.
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Cliff, have you still got the Kuga. Ned to get in touch with you if you still have it and your have trouble with DAB.

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