BMW experts please - Pete
Re 1989 535i 4 door. Can anyone please confirm for me
1, Are the seat covers of the two front seat interchangeable ?
2, Is the door seal rubber (drivers door) individual to the door or the same seal used on both front doors?
Thank you.
BMW experts please - John S

Haven't a clue on 1, but as for 2, surely the two front door seals must be mirror image of each other?


John S
BMW experts please - Pete
Have now established door seals are not interchangeable.
Anyone on the seat covers please?
Thank you,
BMW experts please - The Flying Scotsman
Hi,Not sure of where to buy them but i know that it is possible to buy new seat bottoms.
I was part-exchanging my 318i which had worn seat bottoms and the dealer told me he was able to buy new ones.
BMW experts please - Dude - {P}
Can confirm that new seats are available from BMW main dealers, but it must be worth a few phone calls around car salvage businesses in your area.
BMW experts please - Pete
Your replies are much appreciated Gentlemen but can anyone tell me if the front seat covers are interchangeable please ?
(Yes, I have asked BMW dealers but they twigged that they were not going to make a sale from my enquiry)
thank you,
BMW experts please - Mark (RLBS)
Looking at my neighbours car, I would say not.
BMW experts please - Pete
Does anyone out there have a BMW parts disk that covers the 535i of 1989,which I am told is an E34?
Thank you,
BMW experts please - eMBe {P}
Pete: Try asking/searching on or or
BMW experts please - Wally Zebon
I used to have a 635CSi on which the two front seats were different.
Are the seats electric or manual? If they are manual then the covers will almost certainly be different to allow for the adjustment knobs and levers.

BMW experts please - AgentSmith77
Does anyone out there have a BMW parts disk that covers
the 535i of 1989,which I am told is an E34?
Thank you,

Pete search on ebay ( for "ETK" - you will find it out there for somewhere between 5-10quid. best, dave.
BMW experts please - Pete
I am now informed that the seat covers for the front seats on this model have the same part number for both back and base.
They are therefore, interchangeable.
Problem solved, many thanks to all who contributed.
Rgds, Pete.


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