Hello Every One....!! - tromsharry

I would like to say THANKS for accepting me as a member of your family. I am trom shary From London, UK and Doing a small business of selling used cars.

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Hello Every One....!! - FP

For every Arfur Daley that dies, there's more than one ready to step into the breach.

Hello Every One....!! - focussed

If you google for this clown's name he's on just about every automotive forum, including USA ones. Don't know why he bothers?

I can't see the point.

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Hello Every One....!! - Avant

I'll keep a look out for him. If he tries to advertise again he's out.

Hello Every One....!! - FP

"... he's on just about every automotive forum..."

I see what you mean.

He's described himself on one as "Funster, Male, 27, from london uk"

He's been banned from a Suzuki forum. (For spamming?)

He says he buys cars at auctions and sells them on. Elsewhere he says he imports cars from Japanese auctions. He has a pretty website. "The secret ingredient for all imports is our craft for passion." "...we can only achieve by supplying genuine low mileage, accident free and wow factor for our customers." (!)

He's based in Walthamstow. Google street view shows the address as a building site.

The e-mail contact is at a website that seems to be connected with recovery. This has a Facebook presence, which seems to be used for sales purposes.

I think he's a freeloader on as many sites as will not kick him off and he's just trying to spread his company name as far and wide as possible.

The only phone contact is a mobile.

I would treat him with the utmost suspicion.

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Hello Every One....!! - Nikki Rowen

Spammer post are not allowed here.

You can share your real info

Hello Every One....!! - FP

Thank you, Nikki.

Do you have anything else to contribute?

Hello Every One....!! - Avant

"Her" E-mail address is that of a car dealer, which"she" has tried to spam (if that's a verb...) in the Motoring section.


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