Best motoring moments - teabelly
As a sort of extension to the motoring programmes thread I was wondering what others felt their most memorable tv motoring moments were? My top 2 are:

1) Dominic wotsit being sick in the mercedes driven by Damon Hill.

2) Michelle Newman crashing a milk float just after uttering how embarrassing it would be to lose control of such a vehicle.

As you can tell I'm a bit of a schadenfreude!
Best motoring moments - Ian (Cape Town)
there is a fat knacker TV commentaor here called Louis Karpis [sp?]. he is an absolute lard-ass, and once was doing pitside commentary at local production-car motoring...
After a major spin-off, he and cameraman went dashing off down the pit-lane, to interview the unfortunate driver, who was walking back in from the smash.
By the time they reached him, Louis was so out-of-puff, he couldn't raise his microphone, and stood huffing and puffing for 2 minutes, until he could ask his first question...
The cameraman kept focussing on fatboy - it was hilarious - especially as the driver was standing bemused, waiting to get interviewed so he could get back to the pits ...
Best motoring moments - teabelly
I'll also add when Matt Neal won his first UK touring car race while he was still an independent and beat all the works teams :-)
Best motoring moments - oldtoffee
Not so much a TV moment although it was televised it's one of my favourites because I was there.

Back in the 70s my father had a BMW 3.0CSL and was invited by the dealer to a "BMW Day" jolly at Silverstone. It was at the time when the BMW Batmobiles had just hit the race circuits and there was a special saloon race set up for the end of the day. Two Batmobiles had been brought over from Germany especially for the day with the rather competent Jochen Mass at the helm of one of them. The whole thing had clearly been carefully set up to demonstrate the superiority of the Bavarian product over all else. Trouble was, someone in an effort to make it look like a real race had invited along a couple of Alfa GTVs and a Vauxhall (Firenza I think).

Tony Lanfranchi (Alfa) and Gerry Marshall (Vauxhall) clearly hadn't read the script. Although the BMWs were faster in a straight line they had a real tough time especially with the Alfas driving round them on the outside of the long corners! The happy smiley BMW press/dealer/management faces turned somewhat sour by the end of lap one and the muttering, gnashing of teeth and pathetic excuses only added to my personal enjoyment. Mass finally squeezed past Lanfranchi on the last lap although it looked a bit Schumacher/Barrichello to me! Still makes me smile.

Best motoring moments - Dynamic Dave
Maureen Reece of driving School fame. Just about to drive her Betsy Lada down a long windy roaded hill and henpecked Hubby Dave kept shouting "woah, Woah, WOAH, WOAH"
In fact any of the driving School episodes that had Maureen behind the wheel.
Best motoring moments - Alfafan {P}
Managed to catch this one on video, so I still watch it from time to time. Tiff Needel testing Porsche 911 Turbo (993) around Millbrook. His whoop of pleasure and the great shot as he 'yumps' a crest makes the hairs on the back of my neck tingle.

Best motoring moments - Citroënian {P}
Second vote for Dom throwing up on the Motorshow programme.

And Damon Hill winning the world championship in Suzuka - "And I'm going to have to stop talking as I have a lump in my throat". ITV-F1 is a much poorer place, as is F1, without Murray's input.

Best motoring moments - borasport20
Marshalling on the Barbon Hill Climb.
I don't know if is still goes on, but it was a true grass roots motorsport event organised by Westmoreland Motor club, part of the British Hillclimb championship. It also included a fair smattering of historic vehicles, and the course is the driveway of Barbon Manor, home of some titled family

saturday morning practice, and there's a real mix of cars flying up the hill - Pilbeams, Jedi, Sierra Cosworth, pre-war Lagonda driven by a fearsome looking 'middle aged'lady wearing brogues and a kilt,Porsche 959, Mallocks, etc,etc,

then, to the loudest applause of the day, a red Escort diesel, with 'Royal Mail' on the side - Postman Pat delivery to Lord & Lady Barbon !

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Best motoring moments - thebouncingbunny
one of my favs is austrailian gp,i cant remember which year. alan jones i think was comentating with murray walker. damon i think was trying to overtake shumy and murray said that damon must be muttering in his helmet to which jones replied "ill tell you what he`s saying murray,he`s saying get out of the way you arrogant little krout!"made me larf and they`ve not invited him to commentate again.......
Best motoring moments - volvoman
Just remembered another - driving up a mountain track in remote eastern Turkey to arrive at the top only to discover the most gloriously clean river in the valley below surrounded by lush vegetation, fig trees etc. etc. Just like an oasis in the desert - a total and most beautiful contrast :-) Happy days those !

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