Passat ESP System - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
When driving around in the recent snowy conditions , my 2002 model Passat traction control light was on continuously as I was really struggling up some hills (even with new front tyres).The engine would not go beyond 2000 rpm and I could not get any acceleration up hills. I felt I was going slower and slower which was a bit alarming with the hill getting steeper all the time.
The system packed in eventually -presumably it timed out to avoid overheating whichever brake was working.
I tried switching the system off to see the effect , little difference except the car weaved a little bit.
I abandoned the car eventually as the roads got so slippery I could not keep the car stationary on hills.
Anyone else feel ABS , DSC, traction control etc. are a waste of time , on standard tyres anyway?
Passat ESP System - Ben79
I wouldn't drive without ABS, never driven with traction control, but some cars are better on snow and ice than others.

I have never had any problems in French cars, 2 × 405, Saxo, Xsara.

Which engine do you have? Some may be better than others.


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