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Honda CRV 2015 - Garmin Sat Nav - ducat1

Hi. My new vehicle seems to be installed with out of date Garmin maps. Version 3.2. On trying to update via Garmin Express it continually comes back with "maps are up to date". I know that the maps are out of date as I understand that updates (via disc) for older CRVs are running on Version 3.9. By comparison my old handheld Garmin system is fully up to date and has no problem in updating via download and is running Version 4.0. Does anyone have any idea how I can get a more recent version downloaded into my car as Garmin Express continually says my car is up to date. Thanks.

Honda CRV 2015 - Garmin Sat Nav - Manatee

I have been hugely disappointed with built in sat navs. A new Mitsubishi in 2011 came with maps dated 2009. It turns out the disc is only updated every 3 years, and the dealer said they could update it in 2012. Come 2012, they wanted £180 to do it. I declined, as it is impossible to keep it up to date anyway. Similar story with the Honda that preceded it. In both cases the sat nav was impossible to separate from other trim/ICE options.

I use a Garmin I bought from Amazon with free lifetime traffic, for £100, and a lifetime map update that cost another £45. I leave the built in one set to "shortest route" so I can see how far the Garmin is taking me around the houses!

Honda CRV 2015 - Garmin Sat Nav - concrete

I had this problem too with the Skoda nav system. Way out of date and £100 for the cd!!!! I was not satnav savvy then so they got one over on me. When I mentioned this to someone they gave me a website where just about any satnav built in system can be updated for peanuts. They send you a disc or an e mail file and you do the rest. Unfortunately I can't remember the website. I unsubscribed a while ago as I no longer needed the updates or the regular e mails with offers. They covered Europe too. Someone on the forum will surely know what I am refering to. Old age catching up... now what did I come on the forum for???

Cheers Concrete

Honda CRV 2015 - Garmin Sat Nav - ducat1

Hello again, been reading your replies, thanks for the input, been in touch with the dealer, nothing he can do, Honda not interested and Garmin referred us to Honda. Any of this sounding familiar. Don't think I'd go for inbuilt system again.



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