Matiz Manifold Heat Shield - Electro Man
I took our Matiz in for a service a couple of weeks ago and at the time they told me that the manifold heat shield had gone and needed replacing. The parts need to be order so my wife, took it in yesterday to be fitted.

They told her that the "bolts had sheared off" and that they need to order these seperately. I presume they meant the bolts for the heat shield. Obviously rather annoying and another reason why we will be shot of the car ASAP.

The only noticable symptom is a "rattle" occasionaly.

With that in mind we need to go to b'ham this weekend (about 220miles round trip) and I was wondering what risk are we taking driving the car up the motorway for this distance, with this problem? Is it safe? could it cause further damage? would we be better of hiring a car?

Matiz Manifold Heat Shield - selfy
I have no experience with heatshields on a Matiz, but I took my Vauxhall Cavalier in for its MOT last month. They mentioned that my heat shield had 'gone' but told me that it wasn't a safety issue and replacement would only be necessary if the rattle was an annoyance.
Matiz Manifold Heat Shield - Pete F
The only issue here is whether the heat shield will drop off during the journey. This is impossible to judge except by looking at it to see what has failed and what may happen if it fails further.

If it does drop off then serious issues can arise. The shield is there for a purpose! I assume it is an exhaust manifold heat shield.

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