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Can anyone help? I drive a Ford Transit Minibus (09) and someone has lost the code for the radio, it currently reads LOCKED and the time on the dis[play. How do i get into the system and input a code and can anyone give me the code, The Model is 6CD-GGDS and the serial number is V001880.

Thanks in advance.

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The only way of getting a keycode for a Ford radio "V" serial number is to go to a Ford Main Dealer, or, there are sellers on Ebay who claim they can do them for a fee.

Nobody on this forum can do keycodes for a "V" serial number, I'm afraid.

Once you have obtained the keycode then you can attempt to enter the code by turning the radio "Off", then press and hold Preset Button #6. Turn radio "On" and the display should now show code. You can now enter the code. Please not that you will only get one attempt to do this so you do need to be very careful. Don't forget that, having keyed the code in, you need to press Preset Button #5 to enter it.

If that doesn't work then your radio will need to be professionally unlocked, I'm afraid.

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Ford Transit 09 Reg - Radio Code - Moggsie
Thanks for the reply, only one word for it 'b*****'
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