Credit where it's due - cockle {P}
SWMBO had a puncture this morning, being the independant person she is, changed to spare and decided to get the tyre changed without speaking to me. She rang round and found the cheapest price for a reasonable tyre, turned out a shade over £30 for a Dunlop and took it in.

Later in the day she rang me and said that she had taken it to one of the fast-fit places, my heart sank as I tend to avoid them like the plague, she said that the tyre was irreparable and they had replaced it, rebalanced the wheel and fitted a new valve.

She then said that the fitter had noticed that the inside edge was worn and the tracking might be out and said he would check it, luckily they are doing a free tracking check this week; my heart sank further, was this the gullible customer meets track-rod end man I wondered?

Back he came and said no problem with the tracking, by the way I've put the wheel back on, replaced the cable tie that saves you losing wheel trims, and put the spare back in the boot.
SWMBO enquired as to the price,'Just the cost of the tyre, madam, everything else is included in that.'

Now you could argue that this is the sort of service that should be expected but in my experience is rare in these type of establishments and especially if you're only interested in one tyre at £30. So on this occasion credit where it's due, well done Formula One at Southend.

Credit where it's due - HF
I have to say, unless I'm even more gullible than I think I am, that I've only *ever* had the best service from my local fast-fit place.

Politeness, honesty, rapid service - I know how much they are knocked on here, but in my experience anyway, they can't be faulted.

Maybe I'm just lucky....
Credit where it's due - volvoman
... or maybe they're just better at ripping people off than you thought ! :-(
Credit where it's due - mal
In my own experiences I have found the level of service can differ greatly between branches of any service industry or between independents.
This can be attributable to how well that establishment is managed,ie if the manager/owner is not very efficient, well mannered, or particularly clean and tidy in his own private world this can, depending on the character of his employees, reflect on the level of service given.
Credit where it's due - volvoman
Don't know about the fast fit place but I reckon Mrs Cockle deserves some credit too :-)
Credit where it's due - cockle {P}
Don't know about the fast fit place but I reckon Mrs
Cockle deserves some credit too :-)


It does make a change, it's normally about as much as she'll do to put petrol in it, usually anything to do with her car which might involve washing hands afterwards is down to me!

Must go, I can hear her coming up the stairs.

Credit where it's due - volvoman
Suspected as much Cockle :-)
Credit where it's due - BrianW
Similar good experience with tyres at the Chelmsford branch, tyres all swapped round to match makes on the same axle, including getting the spare out from underneath to bring that into use.

However, two years ago at the same place I took my daughter's car in for the front downpipe to be changed due to an MOT failure and got the "Come and look at this, the rest of the exhaust won't last a month" line.
Needless to say, the exhaust got through the NEXT MOT and is now coming up for its second one with no signs of distress.

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