Young man about town.... - Tapi
Following my unfortunate incident with my last car, I am in the market for a new runaround. Any advice offered would be appreciated. Looking for something up to around £9k, preferably hatchback, supermini size or perhaps VW Golf (although I find this a little large). I had been considering the Fabia but following the ridicule I got just for even mentioning it (I am 24 BTW) notwithstanding all its apparent qualities I am inclined to go for something else now. Have been seriously considering the Peugeot 206 2.0 HDi D-Turbo. Any thoughts on this or any other "lad about town" type car would be very welcome.
Young man about town.... - No Do$h
If you get a 206 you had better get yourself a Bhangra CD. (see peugeot ad thread)
Young man about town.... - TrevP
And / or develop size 5 feet.
Young man about town.... - MikeC
Tapi, I think Peugeot 306 2.0HDi DTurbo is a much better bet as the 206 is too girly. The DTurbo looks identical to the GTi-6 but is a lot less painful on the wallet. Moonstone blue ones look good.

Young man about town.... - JamesH
The group 5 insurance of both the 206 and 306 HDi is a strong selling point as I also find at that age.

Despite the fact half the posts in the Technical BR forum are for 306 problems and I spent a fortune on keeping a 405 TD when I had one, I still find the 306 DTurbo appealing.

It depends on whether Tapi wants brand new as the newest 306s must be about two years old now. Still, a 2001 car could be had for about 7k and already have taken the big depreciation hit.


Young man about town.... - Tapi
Well the 206 HDi was used as well. I am certainly not going to buy brand new as I'd rather let someone else take the financial hit. I like the look of the 30-6 and it is/was a serious contender, however, as you say, I only ever seem to read about problems with the thing! The Moonstone Blue option has also bowled me over, I have seen the colour but never knew the name, now I am only searching for cars in that, its stunning! Anyway, as far as 206 vs 306 goes, how would you guys go?
Young man about town.... - Andrew-T
Tapi - 306 wins hands down. I had a 206 petrol for 2 months/3000 miles, but couldn't stand the seats on long journeys (leather - fabric may have been better) but the real problem was the pedal layout. Unless your feet are very compact I doubt you would feel happy in an emergency stop. I did a straight swop for a T-plate 306 HDI, same colour but a much better car (for me).

The 206 is well put together, but there are basic design flaws which haven't been sorted yet.
Young man about town.... - Tapi
I test drove a 206 the other day and to be honest, I didn't find all too comfortable although it was only for a short time. I do like the 306 so I think I will be leaning towards that. All I have to do is find a decent example in Moonstone now! I don't do much driving so I am not all that sure that diesel is the way forward for me, ergo, probably go petrol. Thanks for all the feedback!
Young man about town.... - Andrew-T
Tapi - if you own a diesel, there's no obligation to do a high annual mileage - you still get better consumption, especially on short runs. The main difference is that the car costs more than the petrol, but then you get much of it back when you sell.
Young man about town.... - r_welfare
I hired a 206 HDi for the weekend a couple of weeks ago. I was actually surprised to find I liked it - it had reasonable go and excellent economy. The performance was even more surprising when I found out it was only the 1.4 version!

Someone mentioned the cramped footwell - surprisingly I had decent space for my size 11s, it was in a different league to the 106/Saxo which I find downright dangerous in that respect (very very easy to press two pedals at once).


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