Snobbish dealers - Morris Ox
As promised from ND's Yaris strand, here's an opportunity for everyone to sound off about the worst, most snobbish treatment they've had from a dealer.

Sentiment seems to suggest some of the prestige guys are the worst, with BMW palace's getting a fair bit of stick.

Careful with the names, though...some people are pretty fierce at 'defending' their reputation
Snobbish dealers - Citroënian {P}
I've harped on about this before but the most ignorant, horrible resident of a car showroom I've found was at a Hyundai dealership in Darlington about 6 years ago when I was looking at the Coupe.

Makes me angry even now thinking about it. I'm assuming he was long since sacked, as he couldn't have been selling too many cars.

Best? Audi at Silverlink in Wallsend. Most of the BMW dealers I've dealt with have been pleasant enough, some pretty stupid people working as MINI dealers though - they'll be looking for work elsewhere when demand drops for the car. Funniest was our local Skoda dealer with a string of recommendation letters from the local bowls club and other OAP groups...


Snobbish dealers - Morris Ox
good point, Lee - this is also an opportunity to sing the praises of people who get it right.

Isn't as much fun, though!!
Snobbish dealers - Nsar
Land Rover dealer in the North West a couple of years ago. We were looking for a Disco and I wanted to have a detailed discussion about the finance package which was being advertised nationally at the time. One salesman is obviously doing the paperwork with a couple who have just bought a car and deep in detail with them. The other is on the phone - we make eye contact and I stand nearby reading a brochure off the stand while he finishes his call. Puts receiver down and it immediately rings. OK I think, he knows I'm here I'm sure he'll be fairly brief, but no he has long chat with someone who could be a mate, so after a while I go and sit at the desk. Eventually he puts phone down and it rings again - he goes to pick it up and I tell him not to - I've been waiting by his desk for about 7 or 8 mins now. So he reluctantly lets it ring. I ask him to explain how the finance works and he takes a torn sheet of plain paper and scribbles a few numbers down which frankly could mean anything. So I ask him directly for a quote based on certain criteria/vehicle spec etc. He can't do it there and then so we agree he'll mail it to me. I give him my address which has the word "farm" in the first line. Do I ever hear anything?
Snobbish dealers - peterb
I don't have a specific horror story, but do have a dislike of dealers who rubbish competitor vehicles. IMO it makes them look ungracious and unprofessional.

I also dislike defensiveness. When I teased a Lexus dealer about the use of Avensis indicator stalks, he immediately started talking about the X-Type being "just a Mondeo".

Snobbish dealers - harry m
2 years ago went to the the only MB dealers in crawley interested in ML270 he took us for a test drive,as they were in short supply i asked if he could send what was available and when.he asked what i was driving at present i said 82 XR3 he walked off never heard from him again.went to MB brighton could not be different ordered there and then told him the story he suggested i drove up there and say to him this is what you have missed in commision.i was not even trading in the the salesman said everyones money is the same.
Snobbish dealers - Robin
Not so much arrogant, more sexist. Went with wife to buy her a car. At the VW garage the salesman started on the sexist patter when we said car for the lady. Usual stuff: small car then, colour more important than specification, somewhere for the handbag etc as he showed us to the 2nd hand Golfs and Polos. Wife had now decided that there was no way she was buying a car there so interrupted him with "Actually, we want a new Sharan but you don't seem to have any" and off she went. His face was a picture.

Ended up with a Punto.
Snobbish dealers - Morris Ox
this is wandering slightly, but a good yarn always helps.

Many, many years ago, before Toyota took over sales of their cars here, the importer used to have a dealer near me who had quite a reputation as one of the trade's true 'characters'.

He was regularly being hauled up before the beak for trading offences related to used vehicles and used to take great pleasure in double parking his Merc SEL outside court everytime he turned up just to make a point.

Anyway, the last straw came when one customer tried to back out of a deal, ran out of the showroom and was rugby-tackled on the forecourt by said dealer, demanding that sign up!

Needless to say, even the importer had had enough of this and shortly after the events were reported in all their glory by the local rag came the announcement that Toyota would be appointing a new representative in the area.

Those were the days...
Snobbish dealers - CM
Went to change my BMW 325tds for a 5 series touring at my local dealer in SW London. Talked to some young salesperson about buying second hand. Attitude changed to one of disdain and was offered 1 year old models at more than list price (obviously loaded with useless and expensive options). When I asked for something a little less expensive I was met with so much disdain that I had to leave.
Snobbish dealers - Armitage Shanks{P}
I tried to sell a 6 month old SL 320 a few years ago, it was in a rather lurid colour (Vivianite) but I liked it. One dealer said he would't have it on his forecourt and suggested that I tried among haidressers or footballer's wives! I did sell it, and at the right price, but the colour certainly put a few dealers off - a point which has been made here many times before.
Snobbish dealers - Toad, of Toad Hall.
I have a case of an arrogant buyer.

Pa Toad picked up his new Beemer in a hurry.

'But, wait you have to have an hour instruction in the features' says spotty sales lad.

'Rack off', says Pa Toad, 'I've have 2 cars for every year of your age, I can work the electric windows, thanks very much.' and drives off looking important.

Three days later Pa pulls up sheepishly for his hour lecture on how the radio worked.
These are my own opinions, and not necessarily those of all Toads.
Snobbish dealers - eMBe {P}
Here we go again - the favourite British pastime of whingeing rather than taking action.

People get only what they ask for or what they deserve. There are 2 parties involved in the transaction. Neither the buyer or seller is under any obligation or can be forced to enter in to a deal. If a dealer does not want to sell to you, that is their choice and maybe their loss (or in their eyes, a gain if they judge that they wont get a decent profit off you or if they feel they will get hassle from you long-term). Thankfully, we live in a free market. Just imagine if the Government nationalised the selling of all cars - guess who would be driving Ladas or Trabants and who would be driving 2-Jags.
Snobbish dealers - Morris Ox
Dealers doing merely what they're obliged to seems to me to be half the problem.

Part of it is pressure on their margins which comes from the dealer group they're part of or the manufacturer, or both.

Either way, it brings forth an unhealthy situation where sales and service people often seem loathe to go the extra mile.

Most of the stories I see about good experiences in the motor retail/service trade are about used specialists. They have to look after their customers because they're not guaranteed trade, they often serve a well-defined area where word gets around. So they make sure its good words coming from good service.

The spannerman I use never charges me for minor things, has dropped tools and come out to fetch cars in the past when they've broken down. Can you imagine a new dealer doing that without referring to the scale of charges first?
Snobbish dealers - Morris Ox
Before I start disappearing up my own exhaust pipe and ranting on about poor service endemic in every 'service' industry, may be someone can give a ranking to the posh dealers.

They make what are calimed to be the best motors, so what are everyone's experiences of, specifically, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Merc, Lexus etc dealers?

And which is consistently the best franchise you've ever come across?
Snobbish dealers - Pugugly {P}
"My" BMW dealers are ok. They smile with indulgence when a new Beemer comes out and I want a look or a drive.(They leant me a 760 when mi,e was in for a rattle|) Bearing in mind our cars are only serviced here, they are very good. Even better when SWMBO went in and bought a Mini from them. She said that they were a bit patronising. 8/10

Land Rover (bearing in mind they see themselves ad a Prestige brand) dealer were crap when we owned the Disco. (which was an ex demo one bought from them) - never washed it when it was in for a service, oily finger marks on upholstry one time. Warranty claims were sort of suffered. Since I sold the Disco back to them now return to get odd bits for the Defender. Parts counter are very good and were superb when I bought the Defender in Spain. Dealt with all questions by e-mail or phone. 3/10
Snobbish dealers - Godfrey H {P}
Best dealer by far: local family run Skoda dealer with modest premises. Sadly the franchise has now been given to the large group type of operation (with flash new premises)I hate.
Snobbish dealers - Armitage Shanks{P}
Godfrey H. Are we talking about somewhere near Stamford, Lincs?
Snobbish dealers - Godfrey H {P}
No AS the one I am thinking about is in Suffolk. Getting back to the negative note, there is a VW dealer I won't be bothering with. Five years ago I was looking for a new car and a VW Golf was on my short list of two. I went to the VW showroom to arrange a test drive. Their whole attitude was appalling sort of what a nuisance a potential customer.
Snobbish dealers - Nortones2
Well you're right in a way, but I suspect the franchises referred to are sleeping on the job, as they are deliberately limited geographically to reduce competition. My impression of BMW is limited, but generally poor. Ditto Ford, so its not a snob thing but moreindiviidual bone-idleness and stupidity! Prestige dealers I have come across who are good include Preston Audi. Very good knowledge on sales - only went Honda cos I thought A2 might be phased out. Now sorry: I bought a b***** rattle-trap Civic! Duh. Audi: deal me a deal and I'll get rid.
Snobbish dealers - GRowlette
My boss he posted this a while back and I think it's a good example of the right way to win customers. Maybe I can repeat it to show everybody. Big G he always says, hey you don't want my business, suits me I'll find somewhere that does.

This our local Ford showroom. Quote:

The service ethic as I know it is incompatible with the British character. It is somehow demeaning to accept the customer is doing you a favor rather than the other way around. I quote, hotels, gas stations, banks, pubs, you name it. All of their staff have been force fed the Company Manual How To Be Nice To People 101 but that's as far as it goes. That's why I live in Asia. Even the often bored US have-a-nice-day-culture is usually backed by a get-the-job-done-ethic. Give me Asia.

Ford here, you get a cup of coffee or a coke while you browse around, a young lady will bring you a newspaper if you decide to sit down on nice leather seating while you peruse the catalog. She will not hover but tell you where she is if you need her. If you want to watch HBO while your car is being oil-changed you can sit in our surround-sound cinema. How about your children sir? Would they like to play in our supervised play area? Is there anything else I can get you , sir?

Yes, I'd like to know what my car is worth against this one and what is the price of the new Lynx over there. Certainly sir (brings out PAlm PDA and goes on line to the local intranet. No pens papers or scribble notes. Ok sir, this is how it looks like...)

I will think about it. Of course sir. May I please have your cell phone number and here's my card. 3 days later, good evening sir I hope I'm not disturbing you. This is Heidi from Ford and I was wondering if we had given you enough information during our meeting the other day? Is there anything else you would like to know? May I ask if you wish to proceed with the sale? You don't? I'm sorry to hear that sir, may I ask why? Your partner likes the Honda better. Well sir, I'm sorry to hear that but I understand. Please do keep Ford in mind for the future. Thank you sir, sorry for disturbing you and good evening.

Actual Growler experience and this is what I expect. If any company doesn't me that badly I have the ultimate sanction: to walk.



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