Ford diesel experts - advice needed - linac eng
As an owner of a '97 1.25 Fiesta Zetec for the last 5 years, I've been totally smitten, not only by by it's great handling but also by the excellent engineering design that's gone into its 1250 engine. It's smooth and powerful and so easy to maintain. 100,000 mile cambelt intervals, 40K spark plugs , all the filters in easy to get at places and a smile from my wallet when the main dealer asks for £2 for the oil filter...
Where is all this going you ask?

Well the "family" has arrived and the little F isn't big enough. I'd like to stick with Ford because I think they've cracked it now as far as the best compromise between a drivers car and cost of running is concerned. My own experience of VW and the like is that they've been no more reliable than the fiesta, not as much fun to drive and the bits cost at least twice as much.
I'd like a new Mondeo diesel and this is where you Ford Diesel experts come in:
How many Diesel variants have their been in the NEW mondeo since it's introduction?
Was the 1st 2.0 "TD" New mondeo a bored out version of the old Mk2's 1.8TD?
Are the 115TDCi and 130TDCi the same engine with slight tuning differences.
What about the new TDCi due from ford/PSA - is it completely new again or based on the current chain driven TDCi?
I'm reading a lot of useful stuff on here about case hardening problems and flats spots due to buggy EMS software - is this sorted or still ongoing with new models?
While on the sbject of TDCi what's the 1.4 motor in the new fiesta/fusion like - any problems yet?
Finally, as a keen diy'er what are the TDCis like to maintain?

Thanks in advance.

Ford diesel experts - advice needed - Pete F
There have been 3 variants of the diesel in the new Mondeo
TDDi 115PS
TDCi 130PS
TDCi 115PS

The first engine in the new Mondeo (TDDi 115PS) was not a variant of the previous models engine. It is pretty much new. This engine was then fitted with common rail injection to become the TDCi 130PS. The more recent TDCi 115PS is just a recalibrated version of the 130PS engine.

The new TDCi talked about recently is a PSA engine and is in the new Fiesta as a 1.4. It will be introduced into the Focus C-Max as a 1.6. There will also be a 2.0 PSA engine in C-Max. The 1.4 and 1.6 are belt drive and I'm pretty sure the 2.0 is as well.

The 1.4 TDCi in Fiesta is OK but only 68PS. Worth waiting for the 1.6 version.

Nothing special about maintaining a TDCi. Belt/tensioner life on the PSA engine is 150000 miles. IS HJ listening??

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