Jaguar x type - Jaguar x type strut bearing - brynwyd
Hi. I have just replaced a broken front spring. The strut is still off the car. The top bearing is lined up as recommended. I can manually turn the bearing about 40 degrees each way at which point it becomes tight. Should it easily spin right round? How should it feel? The spring is obvoiously exerting great pressure on the seat below the bearing and I doubt that the seat is perfectly at right angles to the damper shaft. Any advice would be welcome. Would it matter if the top nut was over torque? So far as I can see all this nut does is fasten the top fittings tight,y down to the shoulder on the shaft. I just don't know how it should feel so any help would be appreciated before I commit the strut to the car. I did put some grease on the ball bearings.

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