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Hi all

Have a bit of a dilema going on at the moment - which I'm hoping someone can help me with. The names have been changed to protect the not so innocent !

Bought a "new" car from a "reputable" dealer approximately 15 months ago. Traded in a perfectly serviceable Ashtray and picked up our lovely new french estate for the family..

We have had nothing but problems with this new car so last week - took it back to another dealer ( better one than the aforementioned as the aforementioned was useless in fixing any problems ) on the back of an AA van.

Began discussions with the new dealer on getting out of the PCP we were in and that we wanted to deal with someone else and would they help us get a new car

The new dealer then informs us that the car is an import - and, although on a PCP has no finance outstanding ( news to me on both fronts ) so hpi is clear - although the check also reveals that there are no other details on the system for the car ..

Anyway - the fact that we were sold an import ( not to our knowledge ) as a "new" car with only delivery mileage reduces the resale value also it is - in my opinion fraud on behalf of the dealer who sold it to us

So my questions are this - what process would we need to follow to buy an import and therefore what documentation is missing and how do we stand as the consumer.... we have demanded all our money back and will take the matter further if needs be as this was a main dealer and the maths just doesnt stack up .... I have spoken to the manufacturer who has given me some information and the DVLA who were equally helpful - but any other insights would be really really appreciated


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How did you pay for the car? If it was by Credit Card (I pay this way so I can get the air miles!) then ask them what to do, as it appears that you were misled on your purchase.

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If it is on PCP then you are protected by the Consumer Credit Act and the finance company has a duty to resolve the matter.

Make a written complaint to the supplying dealer and cc it to the customer service manager of the finance company.

I have found that a reasonable and polite written complaint can be far more effective than a victor meldrewesque rant or sarcastic letter, regardless of the circumstances.

You need to remember that the low valuation given on the car is the opinion of only one dealer and it's not uncommon for dealers to look for reasons for lowering their valuation.

Perhaps an approach to the original dealer with a view to them sourcing a suitable replacement at a mutually agreeable figure may be the most productive line to take?
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Thanks for the advice - I am certainly trying the " non confrontational - but you know I'm right " approach and have secured a meeting with one of the directors of the dealership - but equally, when you spend a significant amount of cash over a year or so on a vehicle you thought to be something it isnt - then you tend to be a little miffed .. so legal action is not completely out of the question at this juncture - and certainly the finance company have a part to play in all of this..

I know the new dealership are not looking after my interests in their valuation but my beef is with the original dealer who simply sold me something I didnt want ie/ an imported car ...

Thanks again - any more helpful hints greatly received

Imported - cosmos
Thanks again to those who helped helped out on this ... we had a meeting with the dealer who was particularly unhelpful...

for anyone who is interested the full factual story can be seen at ************** - Although I cant imagine it will be long before we get the order to take it down...

so any more helpful hints on a next step would be gratefully recieved

Thanks again


I removed the link. By all means contact Cosmos directly if you wish. If you do not know his e-mail, then e-mail me and I will forward it for you. Mark.
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I have sympathy with your position.

However, since there is the potential for some type of legal action in your case, I can\'t have the Backroom involved.

To which end I have edited your notes to remove obvious identification of the company involved and to prevent the direct link to your site.

I apologise if this seems unreasonable, but aside from any personal feelings that I might have, we\'re pretty tight where these things are concerned.

By all means continue to ask for help and/or advice as you need, but I would appreciate your assistance in not mentioning the garage by name, nor linking to your site from here.

Regards and thanks,

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A good letter and a risable reply! I trust that you did not accept the £50 they offered as any future claims will be harder.

I would also add that going down the route of involving lawyers may cost you more than is at stake, although I would be tempted to do so myself as I think that you are 100% in the right.


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