New car for SWMBO - No Do$h
Ok, having nearly started a riot already today, time for you good ladies and gentlemen to consider the following:

3/5 door hatchback to be used for daily 45mile round trip, 40 miles of which are NSL A roads or Dual Carriageway. Budget of about £5-6k. Likely to have to double as a small pick-up-truck for plants and other horticultural paraphenalia as SWMBO is giving up the rat race to become a kept woman on a Horticultural course in deepest Dorset.

Now, I'm tempted towards a diesel for the lower running costs, but then there are plenty of petrol hatchbacks that will see close on 50mpg with that kind of use.

Currently thinking in terms of Punto diesel, Yaris petrol, Ibiza diesel in that price range.

SWMBO loves the way the Alfa drives and previously had an MR2 so likes a car that goes where it's pointed.

Any other ideas I should be considering?
New car for SWMBO - Dave_TD
New car for SWMBO - No Do$h

Struggling to get a TD for that money and the petrol one can be a bit juicy when compared to the kind of MPG we're after. Still worth putting in the pot, especially given the sporting nature of it's handling.

Anyone got any feedback on Focus Petrol economy?
New car for SWMBO - Drivethru
I know it's probably obvious, but what does SWMBO stand for?
New car for SWMBO - Mark (RLBS)
She who must be obeyed.
New car for SWMBO - No Do$h
She who must be obeyed.

Actually, it's more "She who simply has to look at me and I fall under the spell" but that would be unwieldy.

Getting married in July...... 2nd time lucky for both of us.

But I digress. Fabia. Good call. Well worth a look and had escaped my attention.

Ta FiF


New car for SWMBO - Flat in Fifth
Fabia? Mrs FiF is ecstatic about hers.

And recently been grudgingly allowed the keys for a 200 mile round trip in one day, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

New car for SWMBO - bazza
Punto, Yaris or Seat would also be my choice. But for cars this size, the advantage of diesel over petrol is very small, if at all. You'll pay a premium and because the petrols are very economical, I doubt whether you'll ever get it back in fuel savings.
The Seat 1.2 is very good and you might get a "Chill" with air con. Punto will be cheaper and also very good but I have heard that Fiat dealers are pretty US, if you do have problems. The Yaris is the bombproof choice but pricey, lower specced and very short of boot space.

New car for SWMBO - No Do$h
I had a rummage around for prices/spec online last night and the Punto wins hands down. The 1.9JTD offers 58mpg and has reasonable performance - and you are looking at change from £5k for a 01 plate. Ibiza seems to hold it's money rather too well and as for the Yaris, yikes!

Take on board what you say about smaller petrols but we've been bitten by the oil bug now. Still got an open mind though. Will have to arrange some test drives when we get back from holiday.

Local Fiat franchise has just changed hands so watching this space on service standards. Mind you, the local Seat dealership moves around more than a tennis ball on centre-court, so hardly promising.

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