Vw pôlo 2004 5 door 1.2 3 cylinder E engine - Advice on cylinder head - Kitty32
I have a problem with cylinder 3 is misfiring but it's not the coils or the spark plugs rather its a lack of compression. The compression test on cylinder 1 and 2 is around 200 psi whereas on cylinder 3 it's around 100 psi. From reading online the tolerances on getting the valves in the cylinder head reseated appear very tight so it seems to be highly recommended to get a new cylinder head which obviously is going to cost a lot of money to fix.

My issue is that I'm not sure whether it's worth me spending this sort of money on my car or whether I should ditch it as I'm afraid the car may have reached the age where many things will start to fail. I've never had a new exhaust or brakes pads or brake discs or coils nothing really anything other than normal servicing things.

Two garages I have spoken to won't touch it which worries me they say they are too busy and the other garage that I have spoken to about doing the work think that I shouldn't scrap my car as I should be able to get another 100k out of it once it's fixed but obviously they are biased. I would really appreciate some advice as I have no technical knowledge in this area at all

Thank you for reading.
Vw pôlo 2004 5 door 1.2 3 cylinder E engine - Advice on cylinder head - elekie&a/c doctor

As you have found out this is a big problem on the 3 cylinder engines.Unfortunately the repairs do not stop at the cylinder head.You are going to need a timing chain kit and an engine management software update.Could be looking at around £1500 plus ,for all this.Not worth it,in my opinion.


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