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Honda Civic 1.8 Petrol 'S' type 2006 - Workshop/Repair Manual - captain pugwash

Hello,can anyone help me find a workshop manual for the 's' type Civic.I've been in touch with Haynes and they don't have a manual in print (amazing considering the number you see on the roads),so I'm looking for alternatives.I'm going to have a go at the front and rear brake pads first,does any one know if any special tools are needed before I start on these apart from the usual wheel/brake tools. Thanks

Honda Civic 1.8 Petrol 'S' type 2006 - Workshop/Repair Manual - hardway


Only "special" tool needed are good quality 12 and 14 mm spanners.

Rears are the same keys but you will need a piston wind back tool.

Back the handbrake cable adjustment right off before you start,

Underneath the rear center console,

2 or 3 screws that can be got at once both seat are fully forward.

Both front and rear calliper retaining bots can round off pretty easy so my tool of choice is a 12mm single hex socket or spanner though they ared tough to find.

Once rear pads are fitted what I do is diss-connect the cable at the caliper quadrant lever them manualy work it off and on until the ratchet mechanisim in the calliper advances the piston out,

You'll feel the quadrant movement getting less and less,

then refit the cable and tension the handbrake lever to 4-6 clicks on.

The callipers are supposed to selfadjust by the action of the handbrake applying off and on but If you had seen as many mal adjusted Honda rear brakes as me.........

Oh and I always keep a couple of calliper retaing bolts around the shop,

they really can be sods to get off resorting to hammering on 11mm impact sockets to free them.

And the bolts are metric fine so unless you buy a couple from Honda it's highly unlikely you'll have a couple of spares that will fit!

And as for the manual try "Emanuals online" if you have a laptop to run it on that is.

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Honda Civic 1.8 Petrol 'S' type 2006 - Workshop/Repair Manual - captain pugwash

Thanks hardway for your reply.Much appreciated.The Emanual looks a good proposition and gives part numbers too,so I'm going to give it a go.

Regards, Ian

Honda Civic 1.8 Petrol 'S' type 2006 - Workshop/Repair Manual - captain pugwash

Just a little update for any Civic (06 on) owner looking out for a printed manual,having approached Haynes through a different contact,they are in the process of preparing a manual(the car is going through the workshop now) no. 4905.I was asked to contact them around August 2015 when they will be in a better position to know a publishing date.


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