Mazda 6 - Engine cutting out when cold then running cold - Alanovich
Wonder if anyone can help diagnose a problem I'm having with my Mazda 6, it's a 2006 Mk1 (facelift) 2.0 petrol auto (147PS model).

When the car is first started in the morning, it starts fine then the engine cuts out the first time I slow down sufficiently to either take a sharp bend or come to a halt. Happens up to three times each journey. Very annoying as I can't avoid some very sharp bends and Give Ways shortly after leaving home. It's an auto so dipping the clutch and revving isn't a work around.

Then, if I'm getting up to motorway speeds, the engine remains cold - that is to say the temp gauge needle shows about 1/3rd rather then the halfway I'm used to. In stop/start town driving it gets a bit warmer, but still not quite up to the halfway mark on the gauge.

The car had a new battery a couple of moths ago, but other than that no other changes. I've only noticed this behaviour since the new battery, it started immediately the battery was changed. The old battery had gone totally flat.

Does this sound like a thermostat problem or a coolant temperature sensor or something?

Doesn't sound like a big deal, but it seems to be hammering the car's MPG.

Mazda 6 - Engine cutting out when cold then running cold - skidpan

As far as I am aware Mondeos using the same engine use an electric stat. The battery issue could possibly be related to problems I guess.

When you start the car check how fast the top hose heats up. if the stat is working OK it should stay cold until the stat opens, if its getting warm/hot immediately the stat is letting water past and need replacing.

Mazda 6 - Engine cutting out when cold then running cold - chris1971

I had the same problem when i had my (56) few years back when the battery was changed. Its a common issue and their is a couple of ways around it. Disconnect battery again then reconnect start engine and turn the steering full lock side to side a few times, some says it works but never did for me.

The method i used and also have used on my mk2 i now have is after reconnection start engine and go for a drive where you can set the cruise control for about 3 miles without switching it off and that has always worked for me.

Try this site where us 6 owners hang out plenty of tips on the same issue your having


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