Why won't stop-start work when it's cold?

My 2018 Citroen C3 only does short journeys on average, say, 10 -15 miles. With the advent of the recent colder weather, the stop-start no longer operates at traffic lights and elsewhere. Any information or advice regarding dealing with this would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

Asked on 20 October 2020 by Chris Gill

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Often, stop-start won’t come on when the engine is cold. An engine runs most efficiently when it’s warm so your car's engine will keep running until it's at optimal temperature rather than turning off and having to fire up again. If you're using your C3 for short trips regularly and the battery is over three years old, it's probably worth getting a battery charger and charging it up once a week to prevent a flat battery when it gets colder.
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