Insurance for private plate - Potsie52
I read somewhere that if you have a private reg plate you should get a letter of no interest from your insurers. This will protect your registration number should your car be written off in an accident. My insurance company is not aware of this. Has anyone else come across this?
Insurance for private plate - Doc

From the DVLA site:

If your vehicle has been written off it may still be possible to transfer or retain its vehicle registration number if:

• your insurers have not scrapped the vehicle and have agreed, in writing, to you transferring or retaining the vehicle registration number (include the written agreement with your application);

• the vehicle is available for us to inspect (we will also ask for an insurer’s engineers report);

You could, of course, apply for retention of the number before you accept any offer to write-off the vehicle from the insurance company, as you would still be the legal owner and registered keeper.


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