Mercedes, what is wrong with you? - Dan J
Aaaah - the new E-class. Lovely motor. My boss won't have anything else.

So given our new taxation laws as regards company cars, ever increasing interest in luxury diesel cars, the need for greater economy yet still the desire for powerful cars etc etc...

...Why the HELL are you not importing the goddamn E400 CDI?!!!!

It's probably most businessmen/women's dream for those who can afford it, yet the most interesting variant won't even be built in right hand drive.

Any ideas as to why this is or are Mercedes simply taking the ****? Surely the UK must be a prime target market?

For anyone who thinks this is perhaps down to engineering issues, all I can say is no way. I worked at Ford for a while and know full well that the engineers are capable of almost anything if they need to be. Sometimes variants (partic engine) do not make RHD but this isn't some skanky bottom spec Fiesta that noone cares about, this is something I think that would attract a lot of interest.

Rant over :) Comments?
Mercedes, what is wrong with you? - CM
They may well import it if BMW import their 740d, which after all was only made because of the E400CDI (otherwise BMW would have been happy with their 3.0l vs MB's 3.2l).

I susspect that there are not enough potential sales as there is still a reluctance towards diesel in certain sections of society. My father (for example) has had 5.0l petrol MBs (as well as a 5.6l) for years and I doubt if he would ever go for their 4.0l diesel.
Mercedes, what is wrong with you? - Morris Ox
Answer's simple. It's called the E320 CDI.

Morris Ox
Mercedes, what is wrong with you? - Cardew
Morris Ox
One simply does not ask one's chauffeur to drive a car with only 6 cylinders!
Mercedes, what is wrong with you? - Morris Ox
Too right, Card, I'd drive it myself!
Mercedes, what is wrong with you? - Marcos{P}
Recently bought a new E320 CDI but I was also looking at an M-Class, sad I know but for my work and the kids it seemed a good idea at the time. Anyway whilst test driving the ML270 CDI I asked why in Spain you can buy an ML400 CDI but all we get offered is a 2.7 5 cylinder diesel.

Salesman pointed out that the 4litre V8 diesel was never meant for this country and apparently was virtually impossible to fit with a R/H drive set up.

Shame really beacause the 320 is an animal but the 400 must be an bleedin beast.

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