1999 Toyota Corolla noise - Scooter
My daughter has a 99 Toyota Corolla GS that's making a clunking or grinding noise in the front end when the brakes are applied hard. She also has trouble making quick stops. A mechanic checked it out and said the pads and disks are almost new, and he suspects the anti-lock braking system may be at fault.

In the past I've always looked after her car, but now she lives in the UK and I'm in western Canada, it's hard to be a remote mechanic.

Does anyone know of similar problems in this model of car, and what may be causing it?


1999 Toyota Corolla noise - T Lucas
Change the mechanic,because it will be anything other than the 'ABS system'.Failing that get the car to a Toyota dealer he should be able to diagnose the problem easily enough.
1999 Toyota Corolla noise - Greenparrot
Just a suggestion realy but have had experience of this with a friends Volvo - after much expense (new Master cylinder, Servo) we found the problem to be mis-fitting pads. When presented back to the garage that had done all the previous work they checked their inventory & found the pads had been re-packaged wrongly. Might be worth getting a friend to check the pads are sliding OK in the calipers.

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