Nissan micra 2003 - Radio code - Delboyrocky
Hi could anybody help me please I am looking for the radio code for my nissan micra 2003 reg, the serial number is bp234732026194 & the ten didgit number if needed is 7642347318. Would really appreciate the help thanks.
Nissan micra 2003 - Radio code - Galaxy

I've no idea how to do a Nissan Radio Code, I'm afraid.

However, I've just had a quick look on Ebay and there are people on there who claim they can do them for a fee. Rather similar to the Ford "V" codes, we can't do those, either.

Nissan micra 2003 - Radio code - Delboyrocky
Thanks for your reply anyhow.
Nissan micra 2003 - Radio code - JJKOLO

I highly recommend FreeRadioUnlocking. I've used there website on a few occassions to get radio codes for my vehicles (usually I get the code for my radio and keep it in my car, even if I never run into problems with a locked radio, it's there just in case) It's a free service so worth a try, I've never used it for unlocking Nissan radios but It's worked on 2 of my Hondas and my Chevrolet.


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