Compatibility for CD changer - khanh
hi all,

just got a new corsa. its got the factory fitted cdr500 player. want to get the sony cdx-t70mx but not sure if its compatible. theres not much info out there about compatibility. anyone know anything new?

Compatibility for CD changer - Mark (RLBS)
Somebody here may answer, but if they do not.......

I dealt with an excellent company last week who would be able to help.

Check for my thread called "Sat Nav" and look for Oxford Car Audio.

They also have a help forum on their website.

Let us know how you get on.


Compatibility for CD changer - khanh
nice one mark,

i had a look but didnt find any substantial information. it was full of if's and but's. il carry on my search
Compatibility for CD changer - VWDan
As far as I'm aware the din connection is always the same on all multi cd changers.

I have had kenwood, sony and philips changers all on different units, including vauxhall, rover and VW plus sony units working with kenwood etc, etc.

Never had a problem.

Pull out the stereo and see the connection, just double check should be easy enough?

HOpe this helps!

Compatibility for CD changer - Mark (RLBS)
Call them, they really are very helpful.
Compatibility for CD changer - The Flying Scotsman
Check out they can advise on compatibility

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