ML 320 cdi 2007 - gear change failure - johnwj

I was coming home down the M4 from London and decided to stop at a restaurant a mile off the motorway. Manouvering in the pub car park I felt the forward 1st gear and reverse a bit sharp and the electric fan had come on. Parked up and had meal. On leaving the car park the car would not change up from 1st gear. The engine management light came on the dash. So went back to the car park and called roadside assistance. They got us loaded up on a transporter and brought home......embarrasing...!... Local MB dealer says its the intelligent servo module that needs replacing and will cost £1400 to sort. There was no warning here apart from the sharpness on engaging gears in the pub car park as described. The car has only done 36K miles but is 7 years old and I wonder if you can tell me as to how common this problem is and should I be looking out for anything else that may happen as a result or will I be back to motoring normality?

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ML 320 cdi 2007 - gear change failure - johnwj

Actually, the garage tell me it is the hydro electric control unit which is the problem......

ML 320 cdi 2007 - gear change failure - elekie&a/c doctor

I guess they mean the electronic module "plate".This is an electronic circuit board that sits within the gearbox and eventually gets fried by the transmission oil.You may be able to get a cheaper repair by a good MB indy,but a new unit will need coding to the car to make it function correctly.


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