Volkswagen Passat CC - AA warranty, what a rip off - Deans not a happy bunni

Hey guys, just thought i would share my own experience with this crowd. i understand that insurance frims are out to make money and that they are a bussiness. But my passat cc had and electrical fault somewhere, and kept going into limp mode. So i called them up and the guy on the phone seemed helpful enough and sent me to an AA approved Dealer. Now they charged my the £50 excess when my car went in which was expected, no poroblems so far. The dealers who were actually very helpful and kind told me that i needed to take the VW into an actual VW garage as their computer system and all others apart from a VW dealer was not able to go more indepth into the problem only that there was a fault..... I went to others and they said the same thing. So i called the AA and they told me that i was cover for the fault but because they didnt have the equiptment to find the problem that i was liable for the repair. So i had to be the garage for labour out of my own pocket and i had to call up AA again to get my £50 back which was also a bit of hassel.

So basically the fault on the car was covered

but 'they' which isnt my problem, didnt have the correct equiptment to find the problem so they said that i had to pay for everything even though they couldnt disagree that i was covered but that because they couldnt fix it, i was laible?

save the hassle i canceled the warranty and just hope people see this message and steer clear. Maybe i was just unlucky, but i think i was mugged off.

Volkswagen Passat CC - AA warranty, what a rip off - RobJP

The AA warranty is usually a basic warranty, with not a lot that is covered on it. That's why it's quite cheap, compared to some others.

You get what you pay for.


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