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I changed my car on 12th November which was taxed until 31st Jan 2015 and paid the tax on my new vehicle the same morning via the friendly salesman.

We filled in the necessary paperwork and today I have received a one month rebate only,instead of the expected two ,obviously due to the salesman having no interest in me and my finances, so he has cost me £23.33 because of this new car tax system.(If he has been using up any fuel left in the car this of course is now illegal).

Under the old system it was in my interest the post the tax disc promply so that the DVLA received the paperwork to allow the two months refund,yet another kick in the teeth for the motorist.

Has anyone else had any issues under the taxdiscless system?



Subaru Legacy - Vehicle Road Tax Refund. - pd

It is your responsibility to advise the DVLA, not the salesman. You shoud have been given the yellow slip off the V5 for your own car and the date in there should have been 12/11/14. Once the DVLA receive that the tax should have been refunded from that date.

What date was put on the yellow slip?

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Under the new system you get exactly the same refund as you did under the old one. Provided you sent in the transfer stuff to the DVLA on the 12th November you would have got December and January refunded in full.

The only provisos are the forms actually got posted on that date and the tax did expire on the 31 January.

If they are the true facts speak to the DVLA.

Subaru Legacy - Vehicle Road Tax Refund. - RobJP

As pd has said, YOU are responsible, in law, for sending in the notification of change of keeper.


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