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I'm thinking of buying a dash cam for my new car and would like some advice on what to go for. Ideally I'd like one that is battery powered rather than running off the cigarette lighter as I don't really want wires dangling down from dashboard or hard wired into the car so I can transfer it easily into another car if needs be.


MINI One - dash cams - Manatee

I think you might struggle to find one with a battery of sufficient endurance.

I have them in two cars (link below to mini DV 0803) and they came with enough cable easily to conceal it behind the trim on the screen pillar and under the front of the headlining.

I use a splitter on the 12V supply to give me spare sockets. One of the cars does not have an ignition controlled socket, so I will wire that into the fuse box sometime to save plugging and unplugging it. The other is completely painless in use - it starts when I switch on, and stops when I switch off with no intervention from me.

The internal battery on these only lasts a few minutes. All the 'dashcams' I have seen are more or less the same in that respect.

You might want to look at the reviews and videos on


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