Nissan Note - clutch release bearing - jim10000

I was driving and the car would not go into gear. There were no gears to select, and the only way was to force the gearstick into where the gears should be. The issue resolved itself after I parked the car and came back some time later, but now when the car is idle and the clutch is depressed, a rattling type noise can be heard.

My friend thinks it is a clutch release bearing problem. Does this sounds right? If I get a clutch replacement at a garage, does this include the release bearing part? or is that a seperate part?


Nissan Note - clutch release bearing - Peter.N.

Sounds as though it could be or perhaps the fingers on the pressure plate have worn through, in any case you are going to need the gearbox out, and yes, a clutch replacement includes the thrust bearing.


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