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Why you drive bad.


For those of you who drive bad in the Thames Valley (you'll love the bit entitled "New Speed Enforcement Squad")


Why young people drive bad - (duh !)


People watching you drive bad.

and you'll love this one. It begins "Having driven in many countries (England, Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands, USA - 8 states, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) I can honestly say that the Brits have the most appalling road manners I've ever seen"


Tips for Americans who want to drive bad in the UK

"Tip #10 Speed limits are given in miles per hour, not kilometers, although distances are given in kilometers "
Thames Valley Website - Mark
Just had a look at this, the usual specious arguements and justification.

Funny I could not find any info on what action they are taking to tackle the 190% increase in accidents caused by speeding plods. Perhaps they have not been set any performance indicators by HMG.

Memo to self; must write to Mr Blunket on this one

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Mark (Brazil) don't worry about posting lots of web links, at least it keeps Bogush quiet while he's reading them all.

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