2001 ford galaxy 2.3 - Heater problem - Mafu

Hello I have a problem with my 2001 galaxy 2.3 heater controls.....The fan is working but seems to be stuck on cold also the air-con is not working and the buttons do not light up and also it only blows onto the windscreen.

I have tried the battery disconnect / reset and tried removing and reinstalling the control unit

to no avail. Is my control unit dead....? . P.S. the rear control unit seems to be non-op too.

2001 ford galaxy 2.3 - Heater problem - elekie&a/c doctor

Have you checked fuses ?

2001 ford galaxy 2.3 - Heater problem - Mafu

Yes I have checked the fuses which all seem present and correct.......I wondered if a relay could be the problem....but which one....?

2001 ford galaxy 2.3 - Heater problem - Mafu

I have found the fault.....It was fuse 32 which is marked as Engine Management and actually supplies the 12v power to the heater/aircon controls. I found that the rear fog lights had also fused and this in turn fused No 32 the short was found to be a broken wire in the tailgate wiring loom within the rubber grommet which I learned was a common fault.

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