Clutch pedal squeak - SteveH42
How concerning is a sort of whooshing squeak when the clutch pedal is depressed? My Yaris sometimes exhibits this, and I spotted somewhere that it may be related to a clutch slave cylinder. The squeak isn't very loud and doesn't happen all the time - usually just when the car is cold, and the clutch seems fine otherwise. Do I have anything to worry about? The car is under warranty for another 8 months, but I'm not sure if this would count as a warranty claim or not. I do recall my mother's Saab used to make a similar noise and did so for ages with no obvious trouble, but I do tend to worry about unidentified noises!
Clutch pedal squeak - bertj
My VW Polo made similar noises plus groans from slave cylinder. VW dealer replaced it without question saying it wasn't normal despite the fact that the clutch worked OK. If it's any help the original cylinder was made out of metal and the replacement made from some form of plastic. I'd insist on them replacing the offending part because you can bet that as soon as it's out of warranty it will fail!
Clutch pedal squeak - SteveH42
I'm not too clear on this, but I got 12 months 'Manufacturer equivalent' warranty when I bought the car last October. Does this mean that anything that would be fixed under the normal 3 years warranty will still be fixed, or are there typically more limitations? I've only actually got about 2 months of the 'original' warranty left if it does many any difference.

Is it worth waiting to see if it gets any worse, or play it safe and get it done under the original warranty?

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