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Volkswagen Polo - Petrol cap - sazrah87
Hi,i was wondering if anyone would be able to shed any light on this problem. I can't open the flap to get to the fuel cap. Is this a motorised mechanism? Because i have an extended warrentee on the car from the place i bought it from as the car is only 4 years old and hasnt even got 30,000 on the clock. They are refusing to repair it as it is only a wear and tear item and not mechanical or electrical. Thanks!
Volkswagen Polo - Petrol cap - daveyjp

Check the handbook, but it may be an electric solenoid which activates a pin when you lock the car and this locks the filler cap.

If it is like other VAG cars and the solenoid fails there is a way to open the cap from inside the boot.

It may need nothing more than a spray of WD40, or it may have failed completely. If so this puts it firmly in electrical territory for warranty purposes.

Volkswagen Polo - Petrol cap - Ordovices

Our Polo petrol filling flap is simply a push to unlatch, then it swings open to reveal the screw in filler cap.

It will not open if the car is locked!

Volkswagen Polo - Petrol cap - Armitage Shanks {p}

As davey has said, there is usually some sort of manual release, hidden in the boot trim/liner to enable the flap to be released. The manual should have details.

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Volkswagen Polo - Petrol cap - catsdad
Advice from other posters is good. If you google "polo fuel cap won't open" you will find its a common problem with a variety of solutions depending on what has failed. I did see that one person found that it was a synchronisation issue and that by running through the central locking routine a few times (locking and unlocking a few times in succession) they managed to reset the fuel cap lock. It would be a it if luck if it was that easy but worth a try before you remove trim or squirt WD 40 !

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