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I notice HJ gave a good write up to the Kia Magentis V6. Sounds like a good big motor for motorway work. No doubt early depreciation would be fairly steep, hence if you were planning to buy one of these you would need to keep it for a while (say 5 years) - yes?

What is a Magentis likely to be worth after 3 yrs/36000 miles?

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This is more HJs field but I'll go with a guestimate.

Value after one year £6000, after three years £3000 ??

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I don't think it will be as bad as this. In real money terms it is almost bound to be less than the depreciation on a Mondeo 24v Zetec or a Vectra 2.6 V6. If you could buy a 3 year old 30,000 mile Magentis for £3k everyone would want one, which, by the laws of supply and demand, mean no one would have to sell you one for £3k.

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Who would want to be seen driving one of these things?? Not me for sure
I would rather drive a Mundaneo V6 or Vectra V6 - much more image....
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That's why I hit ithe value so hard.

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Well you guys are entitled to your opinions, but they are blinding you to what is a surprisingly good car for very sensible money. If you'd rather expose yourself to status-seeker rip-offs, that's up to you.

Kia Image & Others. - David Woollard

I have not driven any of these three cars so I wasn't judging the car. My point was agreeing with people's perceptions of a name.

Bear in mind my well known support for the Xantia and BX. Both these cars are on a list of "not with a barge pole" for many people. But I actually know the Xantia TD makes a super family car with little more in the way of costs than many other better regarded cars.

I just accept they have no value, and at the end of the line (agewise) it's an advantage because I get real value.

Talk to most people and they "know" Mercedes, BMW and VW are top motors. Also that Japanese cars never go wrong. Ford and Vauxhall are easy to get repaired anywhere. Citroen, Peugeot and Renault have some flair and their particular followers. But Kia and the like float in a no mans land. They may be good cars, but try trading one in at the VW garage and see them suck their cheeks in!

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The point remains that KIA is offering value for money from the word go. At £12,995 the Magentis is £6,000 cheaper than a Mondeo Zetec 24v. So do a three year sum and first you have to think of the interest you are saving (or losing) on that £6,000. Could easily be as much as £1,800 over three years. After 3 years and 30,000 miles the Magentis will be worth between £4,000 and £5,000. The Mondeo will be worth between £6,000 and £7,000. So your overall loss from the Magentis will be £8,000 to £9,000, whereas, taking the extra interest into consideration, your overall loss on the Mondeo will be £13,800 - £14,800. Sure, the Mondeo is a much better car. The best car in its class. It's also quicker and handles better. But over 3 years and 30,000 miles its going to cost you £4,800 t0 £6,800 more. That's a lot of womba.

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I guess that's what I'm asking - are the Korean brands destined to become the 'new' Japanese brands - i.e. dynamically not quite up there with the 'European' brands (ok - GM and Ford are US, but you know what I mean!) but offering excellent value for money if you're not a badge-snob!

Let's be honest - a brand new big V6 barge with a 3 yr warranty, air con, alloys, electrics for £13K before discount is some deal! I haven't driven one, but it's got to be better than a Vectra.

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They're very popular here. Mostly they got that way, I think, because of the price.

However, I travel in them from time to time, and given the price, they seem pretty good to me. Especially the 4WD thing, whatever its called.

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