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Can anyone recommend a good car polish and technique for applying it. I currently use Autglym Super resin polish using a polishing cloth and several people have said to me that I should use a hard polish on top of the super resin polish.

Also does anyone know if these paintwork treatments, i.e. supergard, are worth bothering with?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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Autoglym Super resin is a good polish.
I have used MER with soft cloths for many years and found it excellent.
When using these, there is no need to cover them with a hard polish.
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Super Resin Polish followed by Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection.

The neat thing about these products is how effortless they are - I remember Turtle waxing me Dad's car for half a crown and it took all afternoon and some to get it off.

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Marcos...If you type 'Supagard' into the search box above you will find a long and interesting thread on this subject.

The 'hard' polish to which you refer is well worth the extra cost and effort and, as it says on the bottle, the longer you leave it to dry the better the finished result.

The ultimate secret is to get the ideal day on which to do it all...unless you can do it under cover.
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Just for the record, the top-performing component in many top-grade polishes is carnauba wax (very hard) which is harvested from leaves of the carnauba palm tree - check out 'carnauba' in your search engine.
Oz (as was)
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does autoglym contain carnauba wax?
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Makers don't usually give away trade secrets like that, do they? in case everyone finds out that they are all much the same and not very special?
Polish - zedzedeleven
andrew-t , no, they don`t , it`s just that the bike handbook recommends carnauba wax polish but i could never find any ingredients listed on the containers. Funny, but when i polish the omega or the zz the cloth remains practically colour free.
if i polish swmbo`s fiesta the cloth turns red. same polish, but perhaps red is a more difficult colour to seal in ? and unfairly the fiesta always looks shinier !
Polish - Andrew-T
ZZ I guess the polish may lift something off all surfaces, but from a metallic it will be clear lacquer; from a solid red (the Fiesta) it will be pink. Solid red (if yours is solid?) is notorious for releasing pigment as it ages (esp.VW, IIRC).
Polish - zedzedeleven
Yes, that must be it , the bike is a beautiful "black as H.J.`s hat" Windsor green metallic and the Omega is dark blue metallic.
The fiesta is down to a price solid red but buffs up a treat.
Talking about hard to apply polish (well someone was) I used to polish a 1935 Rover 10 using a solid wax called Windermere Wax and boy, was that hard work. I wish I could compare the results of all that hard work with todays wipe on wipe off polishes but I guess Windermere Wax is no longer available.
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ZZE, if any colour comes up when polishing it indicates the 'polish' is having a cutting action, or that the paint surface has weathered in the elements (lost its polymer, therefore leaving pigment particles underbound), or both of these.
This may just be a microscopic layer and (e.g.) T-Cut is designed to take away the top small % of coating to reveal unweathered coating underneath.
*Eventually* this can potentially remove the whole topcoat. T-Cut on used on panel edges (which accentuate the pressure being applied) can show this effect in seconds - great care needed).

Oz (as was)
Polish - Andrew-T
Oz - I believe that the problem you mention with panel edges is probably because the original paint is thinner there. This is due to the surface tension 'pulling' the paint round the tight curve before it hardens.
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I have to ask, please forgive me, why is your nom de plume Marcos?
Andrew (3 Litre Marcos Coupe owner)

Happiness is a T70 at full chat!
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Turtle Wax Gloss Guard is a "hard" polish, that has now won The Auto Express polish product of the year award since it`s introduction. I have used it now for several years and can thoroughly recommend it - as it can retain it`s protective properties for up to six months.
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It interests me that you find TWGG to be worthwhile (I assume you have no commercial connection with Turtle Wax?). I have not been so fortunate.

I used TWGG, after polishing, on my 'concours' Saffron Yellow Triumph 2500. However the surface became dull and tired after a few weeks and this wouldn't polish out. I used an abrasive compound (T-Cut) to return the paint surface to its former brilliance and depth and then tried TWGG again, but only on half the car. The result was the same and I had to compound it off again! The other half of the car, with no TWGG, retained its brilliance throughout.

Perhaps I was doing something wrong, or perhaps TWGG is no good over cellulose paint. I don't know.
Polish - Dude - {P}

I most certainly have no commercial connection with Turtle Wax, and have only used their Gloss Guard on metallic paint finishes on BMW vehicles, with superb results.
It was interesting to read of your experience with your Triumph 2500, and think you are probably correct, when you pin-pointed the adverse reaction to the cellulose paint. You could of course prove the point, by trying one panel on your BeeM. !!
Polish - Dude - {P}

My apologies for not using your title in the above thread, - your 2500 sounds great, particularly as it`s in concours condition. I used to drive a friend`s, and can still recall the burble from that 6 cylinder engine.
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My name is actually Marcos. It's what happens when your mum decides to spend to long travelling around in Spain in the 60's and decides to marry one of the locals.

Just out of interest I would love to own a Marcos car but with two small children and a new Merc to pay off it's a tad unpractical
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Hi all

My C5 is black and a devil to look after. It does appreciate a good polishing, though. I started off with Autoglym resin and it was OK, but to my mind, nothing special. Then one day, in a fit of dedication,I washed the car very thoroughly, polished with Autoglym resin - allowed to dry - then polished with Autoglym gloss protection. Since then, the car has a really nice shine and a basic wash brings it up beautifully.

I would be interested to know if anyone can rate it against the Turtle Wax Gloss equivalent ??

Having said that, someone put a bumper sized dent in the front wing of my pride and joy yesterday and it is booked into the bodyshop for a new wing next week.


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Have 2 new cars and have used nothing but "Auto Glym Extra Gloss"
I find the "super resin" polish to be slightly abrasive whereas the "extra gloss" is simply a liquid wax easy to apply and easy to remove and idealy suited to waxing brand new paintwork without leaving all those marks that show up in the wrong light at the wrong angle on dark cars.
Anyway, this subject has been covered a few times in the past and I am just about repeating myself here.


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