Omega: Departure ......... - robert

It is with some sadness that I have to tell you that today I sold my MV6. I've had some great fun with the Omega and can confirm that (following a trip to Germany last week) that the driver ran out of bottle before the car ran out of steam! If I say that the 3.0 (& I guess 3.2) has extra range on the speedo over other Omegas you will probably see where I'm coming from.

All good things come to and end, but after 8 years Omega ownership and 18 years of being faithful to Vauxhall - I'm making a change. My work mileage has significantly increased recently and I'm taking a company car due to some close shaves which would have caused financial & probably physical pain if any closer. The Omega has now been traded in to help finance a new car for SWOMBO.

I'll keep looking at the Omega postings and will respond/help if I can.

I've left some more profound comments on a recent long running Omega thread.

Regards ........ Robert
Omega: Departure ......... - robert
Or would have done if it hadn't timed out on me - 3rd time lucky - cut & paste from word this time!


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