volvo turbo diesel - surfer
second appeal for help ! I have a 1995 2343 6 cylinder diesel. Engine LOOKS nice and clean, but oil consumption is `heavy`- pint a week on 400 miles. Start up, even when cold, and revving when stationery the exhaust is clean. Up telegraph hill however....smoke screen. Under heavy acceleration sudden puffs of black smoke. I have traced oil in the air inlet manifold- presumably being pushed up after the turbo. There is also some oil in the rocker box to turbo breather. Can I remove the breather pipe, plug it and let the rocker breather vent to air to double check that the oil is coming from the turbo and not the rocker box ?? I am prepared to pay for/ fit a new turb bu need some idea how to check that that is really the culprit - and not something else like valve oil seals ! any learned advice very welcome.
Neil - living up a mountain West Wales and miles from any main garages !
volvo turbo diesel - surfer
Surfer? hee hee hee.
volvo turbo diesel - Dave N
Apart from the oil consumption, it all appears normal for an old design indirect injection diesel. You will always get oil and sludge in the inlet tract, and it's nothing to do with the turbo 'leaking'.

Not sure where the oils going, but quite possibly not the turbo, more likely the breather pipes clogged up with gunge.
volvo turbo diesel - surfer
Dave N, thanks for guidance, I am an old hand at traditionally aspirated diesels,- this is my first turbo hence uncertainty. OK; point noted re oil / sludge in the inlet track -I will thorougly clean, but one pint a week ?- not hitting the drive, and appears to be getting drawn up the air intake. The only source `seems` to be leaking turbo shaft (spindle?) seals - I assume they can leak ? If this were to be so, this could account for quantity/ viscosity of oil in the air intake- it does not appear to be sludge ! I think I will try isolating the crank breather to double check that this is not the source of oil in the turbo. If oil is still present it MUST be the turbo ! I cannot see any other breather pipes - only rocker box to turbo. Anyone got any other suggestions (constructive !)??

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