Ford first service/warranty - Tony44
A hypothetical question:

If the service/warranty document states that a first service should be carried out at 12,500 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first, how much leaway is there? In other words, if the mileage went over the 12,500 miles before the 12 months was up, how much 'extra' mileage could one clock up without invalidating the warranty?

Ford first service/warranty - Tony44
So 12,500 is 'maximum' and a service at, say, 12,700 would invalidate the three year warranty?

Ford first service/warranty - jud
I asked this question of the nissan dealer when i had the primera, he told me there was a 500 mile leeway
Ford first service/warranty - JamesH
According to my Fiesta's warranty booklet, there was a +/- 1,000 mile or one month leeway. However, this was back in 2000 when the second and third year warranty were optional.

It could well have changed by now. It may say in your warranty book whether there is any leeway. If there's no mention of it then I would take HJ's advice to be on the safe side.

Ford first service/warranty - Drivethru
I've just checked the service book on a micra which I bought a year ago, it's registered 27 March 2000, the first service was done on 15 May 2001 and the second 1st Feb 2002, so do you think that the Nissan warranty would not be valid due to late first service? It's very low mileage and had done 7000 miles at first service.

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