Omega Dash Display stays on - Grant
The multi-function display in my 94 Omega CD is dodgy.
it :
- stays on after the ignition is turned off, showing the date/time, onboard computer, and CD display. it will often click on an off every 10 seconds or so with the ignition off.
- is fine once the ignition is on, ie doesn't flick on/off
- the CD security code has to be input each time the ignition is swtiched on

It's now flattened a brand new battery so i can't ignore it, but the local Vauxhall bandits want £80/hour to 'investigate' before actually doing anything.

Appreciate any ideas as to root cause or simple checks to make, or if it sounds like something a general auto-electrician at £30/hour could diagnose/fix.
Omega Dash Display stays on - Dynamic Dave
The MFD stays on all the time as it's an LCD display that draws very little current and would take forvever and a day to drain the battery. What you're actually seeing is the backlight keep coming on and off. Four things make the backlight illuminate - Ignition switch, radio, pressing the clock settings buttons and the buttons on the wiper arm stalk (if you've got the multi functions, such as average fuel, etc) First place I would try looking at is the ignition switch to see if any wires are loose/disconnected. Second thing I would try is to remove the radio from the dash (have you the code?) and see if it still illuminates on it's own without the ignition on.
Omega Dash Display stays on - Grant
Thanks Dave, I've not had a chance to check anything as yet but have some more details on the symptoms.

- Both the MFD backlight and radio/CD unit (CD300?) stay powered on after the ignition is turned off, although the radio is set to power off with the ignition so the top line of the MFD (radio station/date display) blanks out. The middle (trip computer) and bottom (clock) lines are displayed.
- No other dash instruments or lights stay on.
- Although the trip computer output is displayed, pressing the button on the wiper control does not increment the display, so it shows whatever was showing when the power went off.
- The radio needs the security code input after every time the ignition is off, no matter how long it's off, as if it's lost connection to the battery. Odd given the radio unit itself remains powered/lit up after the ignition is off.
- The radio unit went away for repair several months ago and came back with a different code, which makes me think they just swapped it, so could it be a dicky radio ?
- How can I remove the radio, does it not require special tools?

Appreciate all suggestions.


Omega Dash Display stays on - smokie
Removed the radio in my MV6 a few weeks back as part of another job. Easy - remove the four grub screws then use either DIN tool (available from Halford, about £4) or bent coat hangers, to withdraw the radio. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CODE!
Omega Dash Display stays on - Grant
Just bought and tried the Halfords tool with no luck. What/where are the "four grub screws", are there screws in the same hole the Halfords tool goes in ?

Any suggestions on how to remove the CD stuck in the unit without destroying the unit ?

Are replacement units as easy to self fit as Halfords claim ?


Omega Dash Display stays on - Dynamic Dave
Grant, sometimes the grub screws aren't there. It depends if the radio has been previously removed or not. Some people don't bother putting them back in afterwards. Anyway, the four holes (regardless of whether or not they have grub screws in) are on either side of the front facia of the radio (two holes either side - above one another) If the removal tool won't go in, chances are the grub screws are still there and will need removing with an allen key. You *should* easily spot the grub screws as they're normally flush with the front of the radio facia, unless of course someone has screwed them in and they're now recessed deep in the holes.

Replacement units are easy to fit. Usually you'll need to change the cage that the radio sits in, unless fitting a replacement of the same make of course, ie, Phillips, Grundig, or Blaupunk. If you fit something else and it doesn't have ISO connectors, Halfords sell those as well so that you can marry up the new stereo with the cars existing wiring. However fitting a non Vauxhall unit will mean you lose the separate radio display and will have to update the clock and date functions manually from time to time as there will be no RDS signal to do it for you.

IIRC, Vauxhall dealers sometimes sell recon and new units at reasonable prices.
Omega Dash Display stays on - Grant
The problem seems to in or around the radio/CD, and pulling the fuse out that drives the radio, hazards, MFD, etc proves there is no other unexpected drain on the battery with the ignition off. As the radio has a CD stuck in it think I'll fix/replace it for starters to see if that resolves the 'staying on' problem at the same time.

Any other insights appreciated !
Omega Dash Display stays on - robert
I had an Omega with this unit fitted. As I recall even with the ignition and radio turned off - if you then inserted a CD into the slot it would wake up, drag the CD in and then work - including making the display work.

I reckon that the stuck CD is the root cause of the problem.



(recent Ex Omega owner who isn't missing his 200 bhp and wall of Torque one bit,,,,, grrrr)
Omega Dash Display stays on - eddy
I had exactly the same - the display was stuck displaying the date 01-04-03.

Ignoring the thought it might be an April fools joke by Vauxhall I decided to reset the MFD unit by removing the fuse (No 12).

Hey Presto - my MFD unit is now working again!

Just like a computer....
Omega Dash Display stays on - Grant
Yup, got as far as taking out the fuse so at least the battery stops draining. Still considering whether to swap the unit for another, go for generic after-market unit, or just swap cars !

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