GM-OPEL - FG Tech Galletto 2 - gwee

hi anybody have used this tool,?

isit good?


new clones possible?

iv been on the website and i cant see any info about this tool?


GM-OPEL - FG Tech Galletto 2 - Stanton23
The price of the new galletto clone is expensive.

Think that you can get a new original galletto with one year subscription incluyed and "support" for a 3000 eur. And You will get a secure updates and secure interface....

X17 its a really great great tool. It works really good.
but if you are thinking in buy new galletto, i advice you that its better buy original

GM-OPEL - FG Tech Galletto 2 - Joe019

new galletto clone,works like original,cheaper than you thought......

GM-OPEL - FG Tech Galletto 2 - Liliflower
Do not mean to hijack an old thread. You are wrong. fgtech gallatto clone is much much cheaper than kess ktag. The link is dead. and it is available at cheap 40 Euro or so

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