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I am after some honest advice here. I brought the car in September 2011. From then its been down hill from the main dealer. Made then do a print out today of all the visits I have had to ensure to keep the car happily on the road.

First issue of many. From day one the car had a misfire. I got various answers from Perrys that it was the way I drive it as i was not used to driving a three cylinder engine, I have to thrash it to make it work etc. Fault was found eventually after a lot of back and forth. This was on the 14th April 2013 and turned out to be fault insultors/ resistor corroded. Fault Cause code 6571. First question: what if any damage could have been caused having a mis fire for so long?

Second issue: Morning Death Rattle. From cold the car makes a horrible rattle. This was first repaired on 21th October 2013. The tensioner, seal rings, cam chain and guide rails were replaced. The sprockets were not? I then find after it was returned that i had a rocker cover gasket leak. When i questioned the service department was told that they never had to touch the rocker cover gasket. this I now find out to be a lie. However, it has returned again and the car went into the garage today, 07th August 2014. It's been returned to me not repaired yet as they did not have the parts. Is there damage being caused whilst i use the car like this?

The car has had loads of other issues over the three years of ownership and I am now at the end of my tether. I brought the car in good faith from a main dealer who to be honest, took my money and ran. I am currently looking to take some legal action if someone thinks i would have a good case as i am fed up having the car in and out of the garage at my expense. Would really appreciate some sound advice as what to do as Perrys really do not give a cr@p. The car is fully serviced and has only covered 29K from new and I have amore reliable Ford KA 1996 sat on my drive for my daughter which i woud rather drive and put faith in than this car. Your help and advice would be much approeciated.

Vauxhall Corsa 2011 1.0ltr - Vauxhall Corsa Sound advice Needed urgently - RobJP

As much as I hate to say it, but if you've had a car for 3 years, and managed to do 29k in it, then you've had a fairly decent amount of use out of it, so rejection, or anything else similar will be pretty much out of the window.

However, Vauxhall introduced the 'lifetime' warranty in 2010. If it's got a full Vauxhall SH, then you might try using a different dealership group. It might mean a bit of a drive, but if there's a chance of getting stuff done under warranty, then worth a look at least.


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