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Hi guys
I have a Peugeot 308 that showing up the engine management light most of the time , when this warning comes up it will also show me on the screen that anti pollution Faulty, after this warning comes up it will take like a heck up and straight away the car dies and lose all power and stop, so i have to parck it safely and try to start it again, it's dangerous and almost caused me to crash, the diagnostic showed the EGR valves are faulty at the garage , the recovery services diagnostic didn't show it at all and the car cuts off and behaves like there is no fuel in the car at all even it's half full, I did try to tap on the catalytic converter just incase it's clocked and it may solve the issue, I am not experience with this kind of faults , some mechanics said replacing EGR valves will solve the problem some said tap on the catalytic converter, but all agreed that they never heard of the car cut off completely and die when these warnings show of on the screen , basically no one gave me a final answer and they only guessing , if there is anyone who seen and fixed such a thing like my case please tell me where is the problem and what it need to be fixed.

You can contact me via my email if you know the solution for this problem please , my email is . Sorry for my poor English, I tried to explain as much as I can, if any help or answer on this matter would be greatly appreciated .
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Well, it's probably one of a few things :

1. EGR valve (as you've said). If you know what you're doing, you can replace or blank this out yourself. But from what you've said, you'd need a garage to do this for you.

2. DPF (diesel particulate filter) clogged up. Basically, if the filter is clogged up, then the back-pressure from the exhaust can be making the car stall. Expensive to replace, sometimes they can be re-conditioned. DO NOT go with the companies that remove it, as when your car fails an MOT, it will cost you a lot of money to get it replaced.

3. DPF regenerating fluid run out. I don't know about thses, but some cars have fluids that help to keep the DPF from blocking up. This fluid eventually runs out, and needs replacing.

But once again, these are only guesses. If a garage that has looked at the car can't give you an absolute answer, then people online most likely can't do any better.

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Rob is pretty much spot on with his reply.

Did you take the car to a Peugeot dealer? If you didn't then there's a very strong chance that the garage didn't have the Lexia diagnostic hardware and the Planet / Diagbox software.

Only that combination can really tell you what's wrong with the car.

Dealers charge around £80+VAT for their diagnostic, but there's a network of Peugeot owners with the equipment who will be happy to help you out - see if there's anyone on this map close to you:

I do diagnostics in the North West and see a lot of diesel Mk1 308s. They're absolutely useless in a city environment and start to suffer with blocked EGR valves and empty additive pouches around 60,000 miles.

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Good evening,

I've found this forum in my searches for this problem, Our 308 has the anti pollution light on and its cut out a nuber of times and been looked at by a local garage.

so far:

fuel system flushed

New fuel sensor, fuel filter (£150).

The garage its with now has just said that it has contacted Peugeot and they has said its through running the car down to empty but we have had the car or two years and now its just become a problem.

I notice on your map link there is one in Peterborough, it just says time_cop, is this a garage or an indivudual. I like the car and its ran fine for the past two years and served our family very well.

Your advice would be very welcome.


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Time Cop is an individual. He's a Peugeot owner with the diagnostic equipment and a few years under his belt diagnosing Peugeots and hanging round the forum.

It might be a bit daunting not going to or trusting a garage, but believe me, these people know more than most fix-anything garages.

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Hello we have a 308 1.6 Petrol anti pollution light was on now car won't start tries turning over but won't fire. Dealer has replaced plugs as they where fouled ? And as can't start now wants to redo timing (not belt) to find alleged oil leak fouling plugs? To do that will be £300 including plugs but then claim it may be cylinder head ? Any suggestions would be great
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First suggestion : Get it out of a main dealer garage, and into an independent who actually FIXES things. All a main dealer wants to do is fit new parts - at huge expense to you.

Seriously. They've replaced parts but it hasn't fixed the problem. Now they say they want to replace more parts, but they admit it might not fix the problem, and it might need even more parts changing.

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I have same problem, and Living in peterborough Could you tell me how to find time_cop contacts ?

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here you go:

Peugeot 308 - Anti pollution - kim richardson

I have tried to register on the peugeot forum but cannot get it to recognise me as a human being, keepssaying passwords dont match. I am trying to resolve an issue with Peugeot expert teepee van 1.6. Peugeot have diagnosed EGR valve needs replacing , want to charge £615.48 to do it plus £84 for diagnosing. My usual mechanic at local garage (specialises in french cars said he could do it for £300 less , then at end of conversation was saying £200 less (for no apparent reason) . When challenged about it said "-well somewhere between £200-£300 less, I need to get the I.D. off it first before I can give you the quote" . Having looked up cost of the valve online the most expensive was £86 , so I didnt get why the type of valve could make the quote potentially go up by £100! I am having to resolve this as my husband is away on holiday and I dont really want to spoil his holiday by telling whats happening. Any body got any advice?

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Presume this is a diesel? What age is it? The early engine (Pre 2011) EGR valve is about £350 from Peugeot - but you can get a proper Valeo one for around £100 on the likes of E-bay. Fitting it looks like a nightmare as it is buried down the back of the engine, but once you get into it is not as hard as it looks. It should only be a couple of hours labour - which makes the price from Pug look excessive - ask them for a breakdown. In order to do it, you need to remove both the air and fuel filters, so if these have not been replaced recently, then I would get new ones fitted - there will be no labour cost involved (but the fuel filter is pricey, particularly if you buy a Peugeot one!).

Let me know if it's a later car, and I'll look up the price for the EGR valve for that - I think it's more complex, and more difficult to fit.

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It amazes me that people seem to have an obsession with the EGR valve and think it's the cause of all sorts of problems. Its purpose is to reduce Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx), which is the harmful content of the exhaust. It does not serve any other purpose. The valve should only be open when the engine is under relatively light load, ie when cruising, so that its effect is not noticable by the driver. It should be closed when the engine is idling and at full load. If it was open at these times then the engine would be starved of oxygenated air, and this would cause a loss of power. Othere than that it should not cause any problems. If the valve moves freely through its entire range, and is clean then there really isn't anything else that can be wrong with it. I think garages like to blame it because they don't have any other answer.

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They have a habit of sticking on Peugeots due to a build up of crud.

Most people blank them off due to the high cost of replacing and access. Much cheaper for a £5 blanking plate than the random quotes some garages give on replacement, which doesn't always fix it.

Kim, I'm a moderator on Peugeotforums, all I can say it keep trying. I'd recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser as others don't always show the right images when registering.

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I can assure you that the EGR valve on our 1.6 HDi C4 Picasso was sticking and causing problems... took me a long time to figure out that it was the EGR valve causing the handbrake / ESP warning light to come on (there's French logic for you!). Eventually it stated to put the EML on, and was causing some running issues. All went away when it was replaced. In fact the old valve just has loose soot in it, so it would probably have repsonded to cleaning. These are electric valves, with a copy position signal, and if the position does not agree with the requested position then on comes the light. And if the valve sticks in the open position, it will cause the loss of power you highlighted. EGR valve is deffo open at idle....

Blanking it off is technically illegal, and given the spotlight on NOX, not very socially responsible. And in any case, it won't fix the EML on these, as the valve will still be out of position.

Peugeot 308 - Anti pollution - Railroad.

EGR valve is deffo open at idle....

No they're not, and there's no need for it to be either. Combustion temperatures are lower at idle and so there's less NOx. If exhaust gas was reintroduced at idle then the engine would run rough.

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Hi I have had the same issue, I took my 1.6L petrol 2009 peugeot 308 2009 plate to the dealership. The said It is the turbp so i got it replaced. Cost me around £1000 and it didnt solve the problem. I have taken it to a local garage they have put it on the diagnostics and have got some codes relating to cylinder misfires. They reckon it is the timing chain. He said the timing chain dictates when the engines valvues should open and close, hence the emission value isn't opening because the chain is taught so the emissions cannot escape (something along these lines). The anti polussion system faulty message is a real headache because I cannot drive the car due to the loss of power. Has anyone solves this porblem.

Thanks In Advance.

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The map from you seems to indicate there is someone in Hove who could check my car. How do i contact them please?

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