MOT and NEW CAR... - Richard Loweth
I am right, or wrong. that if I submit a car due its first MOT one month before that the MOT will run for thirteen months just as if I submit a older car one month before its actual MOT expiry date?
No guesses please as I need to know to "roast" my garage if they have got it wrong! Car MOT'd today, due first MOT 18 August 2001, it comes back with an MOT expiring not 17 August 2002 as I expected but 17 July 2002!
Is my garage wrong? V% was submitted with car at time of MOT and their attention drwan to it...
Re: MOT and NEW CAR... - PhiL P
No the MOT will expire exactly 12 months after it was passed so time to have a little chat the garage...
MOT & V5 - David Lacey
Yes, they have omitted to date the certificate on as requested
Don't get shirty with them, as we are only human and all make mistakes
Just take it back in, with your V5 and ask for the cetificate to be re-issued

Re: MOT & V5 - Alan Tyson
I've never been able to get a garage to follow the up to thirteen months rule for a car's first MOT, with or without the V5.
The story ends... - Richard Loweth
I did, they apologised, re-tested car and issued new MOT...wasted half my day, however!
MOT & V5 - David Lacey
Well, the garages you have been using are wrong Alan! 13 mths MOT is obtainable upon production of the V5, if the car is presented for test 1 calendar month before it is actually due.

Re: MOT & V5 - Ian Cook
13 months is possible, but beware - if you submit the car one month and one day early they are only obliged to date it for 12 months from the test date. I know because I got caught last autumn.
First MOT - John Slaughter
Are you guys sure about this?

My understanding is that if there is already a valid MOT, then the '13 month' rule applies. Ie there is no steady creep back of the test date. This is shown on the back of the MOT cert. which says that 'if you gaet a new certificate not more than one month BEFORE THE OLD CERTIFICATE EXPIRES the expiry date ...can be 12 months from the expiry date on the old certificate. (my capitals)

Nothing here about 13 months if you produce a V5.

I believe you'll find that a first MOT (ie no old cert) can only be for 12 months from date of issue.

Re: First MOT - Ian Cook

My info relates to the annual retest, not the first test. I've put 2 cars through their first tests (early) but as I've now sold them I don't have access to the records - sorry, I can't comment on the first test.

Re: First MOT - Dai Watchalowski
As is usual this time of year we've had a clutch of early MOT tests through. These are cars that were registered new on 1st of August 1998 and have been brought in for their first MOT from whence they were bought new. The earliest I have been able to find this year was a car tested on 5.7.01 and its MoT expires on 31.07.02 ( which in my opinion) is spot on. So this guy will have to bring his motor in for an MoT on 1st August 2002 - unless of course he books it in early !.
There will not be a creep back of MoT dates. We always confirm the Date of First Reg, usually from our records - but also from V5s when the owners bring them in.

More and more seem to book them in early nowadays, I think this is because people are afraid of major faults being found so that they can have some breathing space to rectify.

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